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An old village in Rioja, Spain

Where is turruntés grown? In Rioja of course!

Yes, turruntés, not torrontes. Rioja is best known for its red wines. But that is no reason to ignore the whites. You can find them in different styles. They can be seriously full-bodied wines with lots of mouthfeel or fresh and floral everyday wines. To put white wine in oak barrels is an old tradition […]

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Tokaj bottles waiting to mature. 1999, 5 puttonyos Aszu

Nine network, wines on a niner

Leaving a troubled 2018 behind for a better 2019? Anniversary wines to go with it. Leaving behind a troubled 2018, both in vinous terms, with difficult weather, and for the world as a whole, it is time to think about 2019. What wines should you consider if you, or someone you know, have a 9 […]

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Landscape with vineyards in Rioja

Rioja allows villages and sub-regions on the label

Traditionally, Rioja is simply Rioja. No vineyards or villages or the like on the label. But in the same way that Rioja wines are exciting and modern today, the rules also evolve. A little while ago, it was allowed to put a vineyard name on the Rioja label. Close on the heels of that decision, […]

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A barrel cellar tunnel at Bodegas Roda in Rioja

Rioja, now with single vineyards on the label

Henceforth it is allowed for Rioja to indicate the name of the vineyard from which the grapes come from on the label. Many producers have impatiently been waiting for this. Consumers want, says the Rioja producers, to have this precise information. The traditional Rioja categories will remain: joven, crianza, reserva and gran reserva. The single […]

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The modern winery at Bodegas Baigorri

The Short History of Spain Since 1986

Spain joined the EU in 1986. Large investments followed, also in the wine industry. New vineyards were planted, new wines were created, and producers began to charge higher prices for their wines. New and sometimes spectacularly designed wine cellars were built. In 2006 Spain exported twice as much wine as they did in 1995. The […]

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New classification of Rioja wines?

The style of a Rioja wine is determined by whether it is a crianza, a reserva or gran reserva. And the different levels are determined by how long the wine has been aged by the producer, in oak barrels and in bottle. For consumers, this is a way to identify different Rioja wines. But many […]

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Small increase in Spanish vine surface

If the Spanish winegrowers were allowed to decide, the Spanish vineyard surface would this year increase by 13 500 hectares. But Spanish authorities, after lobbying from co-operatives and other agricultural organisations, have set the limit at 4,173 hectares, which corresponds to an increase of the Spanish surface of just 0.43%. Other EU countries are allowed […]

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The official rating for Rioja 2015 is “Very Good”

Last year’s harvest was the earliest anyone had ever experienced in Rioja. And the fastest. The harvest in Rioja usually takes two months. In 2015 it took the four weeks. Moreover, it was a very good harvest, both for quality and quantity. Riojas control board, Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja, has recently given the vintage 2015 […]

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Favourite picks from the Altia wine range

Tasting wines at a wine show can be a challenge. BKWine’s reporter in Gothenburg, Mattias Schyberg, dived right in when the Finnish wine import and distribution giant Altia Corporation came to Gothenburg to present their full range of wines to the press and restaurant people. Here are his favourite picks with some added bonuses. I […]

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Bottles of cava waiting to be disgorged, Catalonia

A tour of Spain in 18 selected wines

No other country in the world has a greater area under vines than Spain. It is truly a country where the wine is produced in every corner. Thus, there are many different types of wine and many different styles. Fortunately, there is an excellent chance to learn more about Spanish wine, the annual Spanish wine […]

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Tapas in Rioja

When you are in Spain having a few tapas can easily turn into a whole dinner. You go from bar to bar and try a few tapas (or pintxos that it is sometimes called) and a glass a wine. You continue to the next and try some more. We have collected a list of recommended […]

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Our friends at Gomez Cruzado in Rioja wins award

When we travel to Rioja we often visit Bodegas Gomez Cruzado. It is the smallest of all the bodegas, ie wine producers, located in the legendary area called Barrio de la Estación in Haro, the second largest (but still small) town in Rioja. One could almost call them a “boutique bodega” in comparison with many […]

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Landscape with vineyards in Rioja

The 2014 vintage in Rioja: officially ”good”

The official control organisation in Rioja has after extensive tastings deemed the 2014 vintage to be “good”. Everything did indeed look very good when I was there in October last year. They are very satisfied both with the quality and the quantity of the harvest. The volume is up compared to last year: 2.9 million […]

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The Rioja region newsletter interviews BKWine

The Rioja wine region publishes a regular newsletter on what is happening in the region and with recommendations on wines and what to do. Recently they did an interview with Per at BKWine. They had heard of our wine tour in Rioja this past autumn and wanted to know what we thought. “In short, Rioja […]

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The bottle cellar at Bodegas Roda in Rioja

From wood to fruit: Bodegas Roda show the New Rioja and contrasts with Ribera del Duero

Rioja is, perhaps with some competition, by far the quietest area of the blogosphere. Virtually nothing is written about Rioja, and not so much about Spanish wine, for that matter either. For a long time Rioja was the most un-trendy wine that you could drink. The wines were considered ladened down with stock conservative traditions […]

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Sales record for Rioja

227 million litres of wine (2.8 M hl) was sold in 2013, up 4% on 2012. This is an all time high for rioja. Never has so much Rioja been sold. A few years back Rioja was struggling. Decreasing sales. But now Rioja is apparently back, breaking records. Here are more numbers: 90% of sales […]

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Chinese oak in Rioja barrels

Toneleria Magrenan is a Spanish cooper in the Rioja. They have started a collaboration with a Chinese supplier of wood from Mongolia (quercus mongolicus oak). They are making a first batch of 40 000 barrels that should be available sometimes this year. More than 20 winemakers are involved in the initial test (40 000 barriques […]

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Faustino I Grand Reserva, Rioja

Criteria: an interesting wine (not too cheap) and one that you can enjoy with dinner or friends (not too expensive). And very good! Selected by Jack, our reporter in Stockholm. Faustino I Grand Reserva, Rioja A red wine that I’ve always had a bit of a faiblesse for is Faustino’s archetypical Faustino I, a Grand […]

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Torres establishes foothold in Rioja

Torres is almost synonymous with Catalonia. But now they have bought a small property in Rioja, not big, just some 5 hectares. Torres has since several years expanded to other countries: California and Chile. And also to other regions in Spain: Priorat, Toro, Ribera del Duero and Jumilla. And now also to the grandfather of […]

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