What the press says about our new books on Piedmont and Burgundy

Last autumn we had two new books published in the series Guide to the World of Wine:

  • Piedmont
  • Burgundy

With the two previous books, on Bordeaux and Tuscany, the series now has four books.

We have had several press mentions and book reviews of the series. Although the books are (for the moment) only published in Swedish, I cannot resist quoting some of the mentions.

Bourgogne, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna

Bourgogne, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna

All About Wine (Allt om vin):

One of the biggest Swedish wine magazines.

For the wine traveller who wants to know more.

These pocket size guides include all that a wine traveller can ask for. Easy to read, concise and clear, the book talks about the districts, the wines and food with both a modern and historical view. All is beautifully illustrated with pictures.


One of the biggest Swedish evening papers.

Two elegant, very useful guides with all basic facts, covering two leading wine districts.

The chapter on Barolo made me hop in my car and go there.

Expressen / GT

The other of the biggest Swedish evening papers.

Dive into, Burgundy, the French wine region and learn about for example Chablis and Beujolais. Here you also find famous dishes lie coq au vin.

All About Food (Allt om mat)

The biggest Swedish magazine on food and cooking.

Excellent books to read to prepare for a wine tour, or to learn more while staying at home.


A newsletter for all book shops and libraries.

It is written in a very easy-to-read yet fact filled style that conveys a though knowledge about the region and an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the subject. (on Burgundy)

Thanks to its wide scope it is an excellent introduction for the reader who is interested in wine[s of the region]. (on Piedmont)

NJ Wines

A news site on wine.

Admirably readable and clear, through everything from the history of wine in Tuscany, wine growing, wine making, climate, soil, and also the different wine regions, and in short the producers.

Here’s more info on all the books in the series Guide to the World of Wine.

Piemonte, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna, vinboken om Bordeaux viner, i serien Guide till vinets värld

Piemonte, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna, vinboken om Bordeaux viner, i serien Guide till vinets värld

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