The most popular grape varieties in Italy – the country of many grapes

Few wine countries, if any, can compete with Italy in terms of the number of grapes used for wines. The ten most planted grapes account for only 38% of the total plantings.

In France the top-ten account for 70% and in Spain 75%.

“Other grapes” are thus planted on and extraordinary 62% of the total vineyard plantings in Italy of 682,000 hectares (the world’s 4th biggest plantings). Sangiovese and Montepulciano are decreasing, while Glera (used for the incredibly popular prosecco) and Pinot Gris both show strong increasing trends. We can expect even more Prosecco in the future.

The 10 most planted grape varieties in Italy (in hectares):

  1. Sangiovese, 54,000, 7,9 % of the total
  2. Montepulciano, 27,000, 4,0 %
  3. Glera, 27,000, 4,0 %
  4. Pinot Gris, 25,000, 3,7 %
  5. Merlot, 24,000, 3,5 %
  6. Italia, 22,000, 3,2 % (table grape)
  7. Catarratto Bianco, 21,000, 3,1 %
  8. Trebbiano Toscano /Ugni Blanc, 21000, 3,1 %
  9. Chardonnay, 20,000, 2,9 %
  10. Barbera, 18,000, 2,6 %


Sangiovese grape bunch in Tuscany

Sangiovese grape bunch in Tuscany, copyright BKWine Photography

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  1. Md. Mostafa Amin May 23, 2020 at 12:40 #

    I want to know about grape varieties and production system.

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