New BKWine Brief out, #103: the new wine hysteria, SA tastings, restaurants and more

BKWine Brief nr 103, March 2012

It seems that the wine world have been caught up a new insane craze or hysteria.

This thing with “natural wines” Every wine magazine, wine journalist, wine blogger etc is writing about “natural wines”, either praising it as the only true wine or ridiculing it as a sham. Much that is written is interesting and much is misguided or confused. But we have had enough! Enough of this! We refuse to write about natural wines! At least in this issue of The Brief.

So let us instead move on to delicious wines, exciting wine regions, and other fun things. We have recently returned from our second wine tour (arranged by us for wine lovers) to South Africa. This year we had changed the planning a bit: changed the itinerary, added a few more visits, moved the dates to earlier to avoid the bike race in Cape Town, added a few new districts etc. And it was a spectacularly successful trip. Many exciting producers, excellent wines & food, and a fabulous weather. Even better than the first time we did it! And next year we will do it again, in March. let us know if you are interested! Here are some of our photos from the South Africa wine regions.

We have also just returned from a trip to Sweden. The first thing we needed to do was meet with our publisher, since we are in the very final stages of our new book. We discussed what to do for cover and other important “details”. We will soon talk more about it here, but we can already mention that it is about organic wines, and other similar concepts, and about wine and the environment in general.

While in Stockholm we went to a wine “tweetup”. Have never been to a tweetup before (it is a real live physical meeting with people you have “met” on Twitter). Someone said it was a bit like going on a blind internet date. I would not know about that though. It was definitely great fun with many a good wine at what is probably the city’s best wine bar (19 Glas), isn’t it? Read more about wine and Twitter here: Wine Tweeting, how to get started on Wine Twitter

We also met our reporter team when we were in Stockholm, also at 19 Glas (quite nice as an editorial office!). But more on that, and them, in a future Brief.

Tomorrow we are off again, but not so far, just a week-end hop to Brussels to see some friends. This poor couple has a wine cellar that is bursting at the seams and we have been called in to help. The instructions in the invitation read “we need to empty our wine cellar a bit, can you help? We will give you the keys to the cellar and you pick whatever you want”. Oh my, they don’t know what is coming! Some oldies and goodies, for sure.

And finally:

Take a look at our wine tour program for the autumn, see below. Or contact us if you are interested in a custom designed wine tour.

Britt & Per

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