Exciting wine job opportunities in Dijon with OIV

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OIV, International Organization of Vine and Wine, often appears in what we write. They have lots of interesting info. (And has given us great awards which we are very proud of for several of our books). They will now move from Paris (triste époque!) to new impressive headquarters in Dijon.

In connection with the move, they are looking to recruit people. So if you want to work with wine in an international environment, this may be something for you.

The principal function of the OIV is the creation of internationally harmonised and accepted standards for the production of vitivincultural products, a very important role in today’s world of wine.

This is what they are looking for:

  • Head of viticultural Unit
  • Head of oenological Unit
  • Head of Safety and Health Unit
  • Data Manager
  • Secretariat Scientific and Technical Department

More information here: OIV.

Deadline is April 1.

OIV Book Awards 2019 Splendour of Chile's Embassy
OIV Book Awards 2019 Splendour of Chile's Embassy

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