More expensive to produce organic wines?

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Do organic wines cost more than conventionally produced wines? This has never been an easy question to answer because it is difficult to compare the prices of wines. It is easier with tomatoes and eggs. If you look at production costs however, it turns out that it is more expensive to produce an organic wine. Above all, this is due to the fact that organic growers have lower yields. This is the conclusion of a study made by the Chamber of Agriculture of Bordeaux.

The organic wine grower saves money by not buying synthetic pesticides but he must instead pay more manpower for manual labour and ploughing. So that comes out even. His losses are made on the yield. Instead of the permitted 50 hectolitres per hectare, the organic grower only gets 40-45 hectolitres per hectare. If he can charge his customers a higher price is another story. Read more:

A bottle with an organic farming symbol
A bottle with an organic farming symbol, copyright BKWine Photography

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