DO Penedès to be 100% organic by 2025

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Catalan DO Penedès is just south of Barcelona. The region was a pioneer of organic viticulture in Spain 40 years ago. It was decided some time ago that the entire appellation would be organically grown by 2025. This has now been confirmed.

In 2025, it will be mandatory to be organically certified to be allowed to sell wines as Penedès DO. Penedès will thus become the first geographical designation of origin to enter this into the regulations. Currently, roughly 60% of Penedès wines are certified. If a producer does not want to go organic, selling the wines as DO Catalunya is always possible. Or, for sparkling wines, the option could be cava as well.

Vineyard landscape in Penedes in Catalonia, Spain
Vineyard landscape in Penedes in Catalonia, Spain, copyright BKWine Photography

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