Declaring added sugar on the wine label or not? Sometimes?

There is currently a lobbying effort in the EU regarding sugar in wine. The lobbyists want rules that would make it compulsory to mention “sugar added” on the label for wines that have been chaptalised (=adding beet or cane sugar to the must to increase the alcohol contents). But they do not think it is necessary to mention it on the label if the sugar (an equivalent kind of sugar) is added in the form of concentrated grape must. No prize for guessing that the lobbyists represent the producers of concentrated grape must.

This raises a few questions. Should “sugar added” be compulsory on the label? If so when? And is it really necessary to add sugar in the first place? Personally I think it would make sense to have a mention on the label or even simply not allow adding sugar at all.

Why? Read the article on BKWine Magazine: The whole truth! Or just half the truth? Adding sugar to wine.

Sacks of sugar for chaptalisation

Sacks of sugar for chaptalisation, copyright BKWine Photography

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