Champagne: The United Arab Emirates threatens Sweden’s tenth place

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Sweden’s love for champagne is evident, with the nation securing a notable tenth place in the global import ranking by volume. In 2023, Sweden imported just over 3 million litres of champagne.

The three largest importing countries are the USA with 27 million litres, the UK with 25.5 million and Japan with 15.3 million.

But Sweden’s tenth place is under threat. The fact is that all importing countries on the top ten list reduced their imports in volume quite drastically in 2023 (except Spain in ninth place, which increased by just over a per cent). In Sweden, it decreased by 18.5%.

On the other hand, the country in eleventh place increased its exports by almost 50%, to 2.8 million litres. So, the risk is significant that Sweden this year will lose its tenth place to the United Arab Emirates, an unlikely candidate at first glance. But many foreigners live in the country, more and more tourists come here and the strict alcohol laws are being relaxed. More and more wine is drunk. And champagne.

However, in terms of value, the United Arab Emirates is already ahead of Sweden. Their imports are worth almost 80 million euros, compared to Sweden’s 60 million.

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Three different champagne glasses, a broad, a normal wine glass and a flute (to be avoided)
Three different champagne glasses, a broad, a normal wine glass and a flute (to be avoided), copyright BKWine Photography

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