BKWine Brief reaches 100 but continues to grow

Old wine bottles in the cellar

Old wine bottles in the cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

We have written a short look back on how it started and some thoughts on the future. Here is the introduction and the ending. Read the full story on the site: the 100 issues of the BKWine Brief!

“May 2003. That was when we did the very first BKWine Brief. One hundred issues back. This is what we wrote in the introduction, the “editorial”, of the first issue: “Through my monthly newsletter I aim to bring you personal suggestions (on my favourite wines, wine shops, useful internet addresses and wine bars & restaurants throughout Europe), interesting wine industry news, as well as an update on my activities in case you want to join us in a tasting or on a tour to a wine region to enjoy and learn more about wine.”

[. . .]

Today it would be difficult to quit! We think that the Brief is one of the most read, if not THE most read wine newsletters in Sweden – and also high up there somewhere on the list internationally. Very few others tell you how many subscribers they have so it is difficult to know… The BKWine Brief currently has around 20,000 subscribers. We have almost 9,000 for the English version (8762 is the exact number this very minute) and almost 12,000 for the Swedish version (11,690). Everyone can see the exact number on the site, on the subscribe page. That’s actually similar subscriber numbers to some of the major printed wine magazines. At least in Scandinavia. And what will happen in the future? Who knows? What do you think? Do you have any suggestions, thoughts or ideas? Let us know! Send us a mail! We’d like to know what you think!”

This was just the introduction and the finish of the article. Read all of it here: BKWine Brief reaches 100 but continues to grow

Some grain in the vineyard

Some grain in the vineyard, copyright BKWine Photography

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