BKWine Brief nr 101, January 2012 now out

Well, it’s actually quite some time since the BKWine Brief #101 was published but we’ve had some persistent publishing problems, that should now be resolved (but as you can tell below, we’re having our fair share of IT problems), so we’re a bit behind. Here’s the introduction to the January Brief:

If last month was special because it was BKWine Brief issue number 100 this month’s Brief is special for another reason.

We have discovered that there are some issues with the delivery of the Brief to some subscribers’ email addresses. This concerns primarily Yahoo and Hotmail addresses that seem to totally block the delivery of the BKWine Brief. But it also concerns some other addresses.

We are currently investigation and hope to find some good solution soon.

One thing that may be causing part of the issue is that the BKWine Brief contains a lot of pictures and links. Some spam filters are of the opinion that if a mail has many links and pictures it is a strong sign that it may be spam, which, of course, we hope that you do not think is the case with the Brief.

For this reason this time the Brief is a little bit different. It only contains headings or summaries and very few pictures. To read the whole BKWine Brief you have to click on the link that takes you to our site, BKWine Magazine where you will find the FULL text with pictures, links and all. Just as usual. If you prefer to print it and read it off-line (think of the trees!) you can do that either with your web browser’s print function, or you can use the “printer friendly” button at the bottom of the text (on the site).

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you and hope you understand.

Thank you for reading the Brief!

Britt & Per

PS: Recommend to your friends to read the Brief!

This is just the introduction to the latest issue of the Brief. Subscribe to the BKWine Brief and you will get the whole edition in your mailbox.

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