Alsace, why don’t we see more of it in France?

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They make wonderful wines in Alsace and the landscape is wonderfully beautiful. It has long been a popular wine region in Sweden (at least as long as I lived there) and in other countries but not so much in France. It is a little seen wine region in France. Rarely on wine lists in restaurants. I have always wondered why.

We have just planned for a wine tour to Alsace this autumn (long since we did an Alsace tour) and that made me think of this again. Why do we drink so little Alsace in France? Read about that and about the Alsatian wines and food (and the tour) on our travel blog. Ahh, a crispy tarte flambé with a glass of riesling! Or perhaps a gewurz with a munster?

A village in Alsace
A village in Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

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