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Denis Dubourdieu is one of the world’s best known wine consultants. He is perhaps to modest to call himself ‘flying winemaker’ and does not really boast his various assignments. BKWine met with him at one of his own properties in Bordeaux (he has five), at Chateau Reynon in Entre deux Mers.

Part 1 of a two part interview.

We talk about what a wine consultant does – in the real world – and about the winemaking at his own chateaux:

Denis Dubourdieu

Denis Dubourdieu

Interview with Denis Dubourdieu. Denis Dubourdieu is a wine consultant and wine maker, as well as a professor in oenology at the University of Bordeaux.

Denis starts with explaining what the role of a wine consultant is: to help wine producers to find their style, a style that best reflects the origin of the terroir. But the wine also has to be contemporary, appreciated by today’s palates, as well as able to age. The work is done both in the vineyard, working on the viticulture, as well as in the wine cellar, looking at the winemaking and the cellar techniques. But it is all based on extensive tastings both of the wine estate’s own wines as well as the competition. Most of the work is done in the vineyard. Denis also talks about good and bad viticultural practices and winemaking.

We are standing in the vineyards at one of Denis Dubourdieu’s properties, at Chateau Reynon in the Entre-deaux-Mers region in Bordeaux, France.

For more information, visit Denis Dubourdieu Domaines:

By BKWine, Interviewer: Per Karlsson, BKWine. © Copyright BKWine, Per Karlsson.

Music: Johan Stertman & Patrik Lundin, with permission.

Part 2 of the interview with Denis Dubourdieu.

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