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Portugal is not a big wine country but they make some excellent wines. But they are not always easy to understand since the wine regions are little know and the grape varieties are even more obscure. But the fact that they mostly stick to their traditional grape varieties makes the wines even more interesting to discover.

Per recently had the opportunity to discuss the situation of Portuguese wines on the international market with one of the people who should be best placed to know, the person in charge of marketing at ViniPortugal, the Portuguese wine promotion agency.

Vineyards with an oak tree in Alentejo, Portugal

Vineyards with an oak tree in Alentejo, Portugal, copyright BKWine Photography

In Per’s latest article on Forbes he gives you the full story. Here’s the introduction:

Portuguese wines are selling very well to Millennials and to Generation X. They are more open. They don’t care so much about grape varieties”, Nuno Vale said to me when over a refreshing glass of Arinto we were having dinner in Lisbon the other day. Nuno should know. He is Chief Marketing Officer for ViniPortugal, the organisation in charge of promoting Portuguese wines across the world.

Tempranillo (Aragones) in a vineyard in Alentejo, Portugal

Tempranillo (Aragones) in a vineyard in Alentejo, Portugal, copyright BKWine Photography

We were discussing the challenges of selling wines made from grapes with names such as Tinta Cão, Alfrocheiro, Antão Vaz and Tinta Roriz, to mention but a few of the indigenous grape varieties that you find in Portugal. They do use some standard issue grapes too, like Cabernet, Chardonnay and so forth, but the traditional Portuguese varieties are very dominant.

Read Per’s full article on ForbesHas The Time Come For Portuguese Wines?

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An old farm building at a winery in Alentejo

An old farm building at a winery in Alentejo, copyright BKWine Photography

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