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Prosecco is producing more and more bottles. This year they will pass 500 million. People can’t seem to get enough. The yields for the simplest Proseccos are sky high, making the resulting wine sometimes a bit thin and tasteless. What can you expect with excessive yields?But there are different proseccos. There are excellent proseccos, if you know where to look.

If you want to have a decent Prosecco in your glass, you should choose carefully. Vittorio Dalle Ore owns the beautiful Villa Di Maser in one of the two Prosecco DOCG regions, Prosecco Asolo Superiore DOCG. When I met him recently he told me some of his “secrets” on how to make a high quality Prosecco.

And who knows, owning a villa designed by world famous 16th century architect Andrea Palladio maybe helps!

Vittorio Dalle Ore, owner-winemaker at Villa di Maser

Vittorio Dalle Ore, owner-winemaker at Villa di Maser, copyright BKWine Photography

Read more on this in Britt’s article on Forbes: Making Quality Prosecco At Villa Di Maser in Italy.

Here’s the introduction:

Prosecco is having a tremendous success at the moment. There is no stopping this Italian sparkling wine from the beautiful North-East part of Italy, close to both Venice and Verona. But there is regular Prosecco and there is high-quality Prosecco. I recently met Vittorio Dalle Ore who makes Prosecco Asolo DOCG but also red and still white wine. He has his own ideas why his Prosecco belongs in the quality category.

Villa di Maser is a unique villa built by the famous architect Andrea Palladio in the 16th century. In 1934 the grandfather of Vittorio’s wife bought the villa. Already when it was built, wine was made here. The estate now has 81 acres (33 hectares) of high-density plantations that give, for Prosecco, very low yields per vine.

Vittorio Dalle Ore works with Donato Lanati, an oenologist and consultant and a well-known name from the Piedmont region. Donato collaborates closely with the University of Torino and, says Vittorio, he has one of the best research laboratories in Europe. “His knowledge is very valuable to us. He comes here twice a year, but I send him samples of my wine all the time.”

Read more on this in Britt’s article on Forbes: Making Quality Prosecco At Villa Di Maser in Italy.

Villa di Maser Prosecco Asolo

Villa di Maser Prosecco Asolo, copyright BKWine Photography

Villa di Maser Verduzzo

Villa di Maser Verduzzo, copyright BKWine Photography

Villa di Maser red wines

Villa di Maser red wines, copyright BKWine Photography

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