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South-West France, the Wines and Winemakers

South-West France, the Wines and Winemakers By: Paul Strang, photographs by Jason Shenai Publisher: University of California Press This is a book that has been in the coming for a very long time and now finally (!), is it published. Let’s start with this: if you are even remotely interested in wines from other than […]

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History of Wine Words

History of Wine Words By: Charles Hodgson Publisher: P2Peak Press The best use for this book is probably as a dinner conversation piece. Or as something to leaf through idly in the sofa. It a dictionary of wine words – each word is described with a bit of history and sometimes an amusing story. You […]

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The Ultimate Austrian Wine Guide (2009/2010 edition)

The Ultimate Austrian Wine Guide (2009/2010 edition) By: Peter Moser Publisher: Falstaff Publications We’ve previously reviewed this book, in an earlier edition, so this is just an update. And it’s well worth mentioning again! The title tells it all. This is the ultimate guide to Austrian wines, as far as we know. The bulk of […]

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Choosing the Right Wine

Choosing the Right Wine By: Beverley Blanning Publisher: Teach Yourself This is a soft cover, pocket size book on how to teach yourself about wine. Small, simple (no glossy paper, virtually no illustrations) and very good. One of the best introductions to learning about wine an in particular wine tasting we’ve seen in quite some […]

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Oenologie et crus des vins

Oenologie et crus des vins By Kilien Stengel, editor Publisher: Editions Jérôme Vilette Supposedly, this book is intended for student sommeliers and restaurateurs, as well as those studying viticulture, oenology. It is an ambitious task and one that it does not live up to. It is, as far as we know, only published in French. […]

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Wine Brands | book review

Wine Brands By Evelyne Resnick Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan This is an interesting book that we certainly recommend to those who are interested in the wine business and internet marketing. Evelyne Resnick is French and has a PhD from the Sorbonne. She has also taught at UCLA so has extensive American experience and is now working […]

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Wine Politics

Wine Politics By Tyler Colman Publisher: University of California Press Tyler Colman is perhaps better known under the name Dr Vino and is as such one of the most interesting wine bloggers in the US. This book is a result of his PhD dissertation in political science at Northwestern University. The book reads like a […]

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The Wine Trials – A fearless Critic Book

The Wine Trials – A fearless Critic Book By: Robin Goldstein Fearless Critic Media The sub-title of this American book is “Brown-bag blind tastings reveal the surprising wine values under $15”. The message in the book is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the wines you buy because if you […]

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La Vigne Assassinée – l’Avenir du Vin

La Vigne Assassinée – l’Avenir du Vin By: Christian R. Saint-Roche CIDE ISBN 2-9525036-1-3 The title reads ”the assassinated vine” but it’s not a crime novel even if it is a thriller of sorts. How can the French wine industry get out of the current crisis? One of the questions Christian St-Roche raises is why […]

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Grand atlas des vignobles de France, cover

Grand atlas des vignobles de France

Grand atlas des vignobles de France By: Benoît France (ed) Solar France, 54 eur, ISBN 978-2263046605 This is a rather unique book. Even if the title says “atlas” it’s not your average map book. Instead it focuses on and goes into detail on soil and soil types in virtually all French appellations and illustrates it […]

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The Wines of Burgundy

The Wines of Burgundy By: Clive Coates University of California Press, £35, ISBN 978-0520250505 This is a massive book: 1872 grams and 878 pages. There are books that you simply cannot avoid. This is one. If you are looking for a book about Burgundy you simply have to consider this one. Partially because in spite […]

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Book review: Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course

Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course By: Andrew Jefford Photo: William Lingwood & Alan Williams, et al Ryland, Peters & Small, £19.99, ISBN 978-1845977238 This is an introduction to wine and wine tasting. Andrew Jefford accompanies the reader through a series of “projects” where each is focused on learning something about wine. You can start with Project […]

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Japanese Whisky – Facts, figures and taste

Japanese Whisky – Facts, figures and taste By: Ulf Buxrud Publisher: DataAnalysis Scandinavia AB, Ulf Buxrud is a great connoisseur of whisky. He has previously written a book about single malts from Scotland. This is his second book and in it he explores the world of Japanese whisky. Contrary to many other spirits (and […]

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House of Joy

House of Joy Av Sarah-Kate Lynch Doubleday, ISBN 9780385608848 There are not that many novels set in a winery setting. (I tried to write a detective novel once where the victim had his head smashed with a bottle of Petrus but I didn’t get much further than just that.) Well, some writers are more successful […]

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The Wine and Food Lover’s Guide to Portugal

The Wine and Food Lover’s Guide to Portugal Charles Metcalfe & Kathryn McWhirter Foto: diverse Inn House Publishing ISBN 978-0-9557069-0-5 This book is packed with information about Portugal and its wine districts. The authors wrote their first book on Portugal 20 years ago and know the country inside out, including its wines and the gastronomy. […]

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Desert Island Wine

Desert Island Wine Miles Lambert Gócs Ambeli Press This is NOT a book about ”what wine would you bring to the desert island?” It is a collection of essays, often with a humorous tone, on varying subjects around wine. For example: the first ever CNN-interview with Dionysus the wine god, or the short story about […]

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Tokaj – a Companion for the Bibulous Traveller

Tokaj – a Companion for the Bibulous Traveller Text: David Copp Photo: Bianca Otero, Fekete K. PrintXBudvar Zrt. Written by a British wine writer with many years’ experience of Hungary and Tokaj in particular, it is a very informative but still compact book. Tokaj has seen many dramatic changes since 1989, mostly for the better, […]

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Le Grand Guide des Vins de France 2008

Le Grand Guide des Vins de France 2008 Michel Bettane & Thierry Dessauve Minerva This is a wine guide over France. Region by region the authors present with a short profile, a rating and a few tasting notes their preferred wine producers. Without hesitation one of the most interesting and useful wine guides in France, […]

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The World Atlas of Wine

The World Atlas of Wine Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson 6th edition Mitchell Beazley If you should have only one wine book then this is it. First published in 1971 and since long a classic (we have all editions except the first). The 6th edition has been expanded with 48 pages and 20 new maps. The […]

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How to build and start your own wine cellar

How to build and start your own wine cellar By Chris Miley Redwine Publications,, An ebook (pdf) on wine cellars. It actually includes some general wine and wine history sections but most of it about how to build a wine cellar. It’s not quite a DIY manual of how to build it. Rather […]

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The Wine Atlas of Australia | BKWine Pick

The Wine Atlas of Australia By James Halliday Mitchell Beazley A must if you are hooked on Australian wine. It’s a back-breaker of a book, over 300 pages in large format, but it covers virtually all there is to know about Australian wine. Each chapter is dedicated to a region, starting with a map and […]

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The Art & Science of Wine | BKWine Pick

The Art & Science of Wine By James Halliday & Hugh Johnson Mitchell Beazley – new edition of a classic Don’t be put off by the title. It is not an overly technical or scientific book. The two authors – giants in the world of wine writing – are a guarantee that it is a […]

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Wine Travel Guide to the World | BKWine Pick

Wine Travel Guide to the World By Robert Joseph Footprint A very ambitious book: a travel guide for he who wants to visit vineyards covering the whole world. And perhaps even over-ambitious. The book contains lots of excellent recommendations – of growers to visit, shops with a good selection, hotels and restaurants, sites etc. All […]

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Chefs, Saveurs, Champagne | BKWine Pick

Chefs, Saveurs, Champagne By Ragnar Fridriksson Passionfood An odd book in some ways. First: written by an Islander living in Champagne. Second, a strange mix of recipes, portraits, pictures and publicity for champagne. But if you disregard that (perhaps in particular the publicity for various champagne producers) the book is very charming. Each chapter presents […]

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The Oxford Companion to Wine | BKWine Pick

The Oxford Companion to Wine By Jancis Robinson (editor), et al. Oxford University Press This is a reference book from A to Z. Very thorough and competent with lots of details on almost every imaginable subject in wine. Dipping into some of the more esoteric subject (that we know well thanks to recent travels) shows […]

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The Wine Atlas of Canada | BKWine Pick

The Wine Atlas of Canada By Tony Aspler, photographs by Steven Elphick Random House Canada This is the first book we have read on Canada. And if you want an introduction to wine in Canada, this is an excellent choice. After a short introduction and history (and some very recent history!) the author takes you […]

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