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Caviar d’Aquitaine with Sauternes wine

Caviar. It is not for every day eating, but it is delicious. Not least the caviar from Bordeaux. In the past, there were wild sturgeons in the Gironde. But today the Bordeaux caviar, the caviar d’aquitaine, comes from farmed sturgeon. It takes about ten years from the birth of the fish until the valuable caviar […]

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Making paella, a video

A Spanish signature dish: how to make a paella

Paella is a very Spanish dish. Usually one thinks of Paella Valenciana (from Valencia) when talking about it. But it is made in many different places in Spain. Want to discover some genuine paella? Here you can see how a real paella catalana is done. You start with frying some shrimps, add garlic, onion, la […]

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Food is important for travellers

According to the UN agency UNWTO 88% of all travellers consider that the gastronomy plays a major role on the trip. It comes as no surprise. We know that many participants on our wine tours are as interested in the local gastronomy as they are in wine. More and more people are looking for unique […]

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Sauternes wine and foie gras, a winning combination

What a great combination. A company that sells foie gras buys a Sauternes château. The château is famous Château Rayne Vigneau. The buyer is Trésor du Patrimoine, a company that sells foie gras as well as wine on line. The seller is the French bank Crédit Agricole but they will retain a small share. A […]

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A refrigerator with bottles cooling

Serve your wine at the right temperature

Sometimes you need to cool or warm your wine to obtain the right serving temperature. Which way is the best and how do you know how long it will take? An interesting little booklet was published in the 1960s in Sweden by a man called Haqvin Carlheim-Gyllensköld, known for his scientific approach to cooking. The […]

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A starter with scallops tartare

Top class lunches at wine estates

One of the best things with our wine tours (at is the meals! (Well, and the wines of course!) On all our tour programs the food and gastronomy almost automatically get a very prominent place. We put a lot of effort into planning excellent and typical meals (lunches or dinners) that showcase the local […]

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Grand cru vineyards in Alsace

Sweet wines from Alsace

On sweet and semi-sweet wines from Alsace During Christmas and New Year there are often many opportunities to drink a sweet or semi-sweet wine. They go, for instance, extraordinarily well with foie gras and blue cheeses like the English Stilton or the French Roquefort. A Sauternes with a foie gras de canard (duck liver) is […]

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A memorable wine lunch in Languedoc

We were fortunate (you have to create your own luck!) to have a magnificent lunch and wine tasting at the wine tour we recently organised in the Languedoc-Roussillon. This district certainly merits becoming much better known among wine lovers: they make great wine and it is spectacularly beautiful. The small group of wine lovers that […]

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Red cars in a parking lot

Buon natale! Italian Christmas

How is an Italian Christmas and an Italian Christmas dinner? Italy is a strange country, difficult to understand. Even for the Italians themselves. There is chaos in politics and in the traffic, but when it comes to food and drink you have to follow the rules. Otherwise you will be stared at or laughed at, […]

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Grilled sardines

Wines for the summer barbecue parties!

This time of the year food and wine magazines are full of suggestions as to which wines to choose for the outdoor summer parties. So why not also here in BKWine Brief! We love barbecue parties ourselves. It is not really difficult to choose a barbecue wine. You pick something you like, not too fancy […]

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From Parisian to walnut farmer and truffle hunter

Just read this wonderful story by Tom Fiorina about how he became a truffle hunter. Hunting truffles not with a pig, not with a dog. But with flies. Truffle flies. I have participated in a truffle hunt a few times and it’s always been with a dog. That’s what is usually the case these days. […]

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Why white wine goes better with fish

White wine with fish is one of the best known rules of thumbs in food and wine matching. Researchers at Mercian Corp in Fujisawa in Japan has discovered why red wine and fish don’t marry well. Apparently, when the iron contents in the wine reaches 2 milligrams per litre or more there’s a chemical reaction […]

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Widget for wine

Natalie Maclean is a productive Canadian wine writer who also has an active life on the internet. She has just launched a new wine and food matching “widget” for social media. What it means? Well, it’s a small piece of code that one can use if one has a blog or a web page. By […]

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What wine with chocolate?

At BKWine’s and Le Cercle Suédois’ recent Wine-With-Chocolate tasting general consensus was that Banyuls goes very well, as does Madeira. To dark and therefore not so sweet chocolate you can try a Madiran (!). Beer did not mix well at all with chocolate though. Some were also very enthusiastic about the combination with Malt Whisky.

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