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A diam cork

Natural cork without cork taint

We heard about the Diam closure for the first time about five years ago. We attended a tasting with some Champagne producers who all had tried a natural cork called Mytik, which is Diams counterpart for sparkling wines. Recently we read in Vitisphere that the company Diam Bouchage now accounts for 5% of the world […]

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Sugar in the winery

Low alcohol wines are good or bad?

Less is not always more when it comes to alcohol in wine Apparently there is a huge interest in the world for wines with low alcohol contents. On we read about a report by Wine Intelligence, made on behalf of ProWein, the big wine fair in Düsseldorf, which opens at the beginning of March. […]

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Cup of coffee

Latte wine?

New rules for labelling and additives in wine All pre-packed food products must state on the label if they contain possibly allergenic products. So far, wine has been exempted from this rule. But only for another six months. According to Le Journal du Vin, the EU has, on the recommendation of The European Food Safety […]

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Wine tweeting 2: More useful tips on Twitter

Yesterday I wrote a quick introduction to get you started on twitter. Here are some more tips and tricks, and useful things to know, in the world of tweeting. Some basic vocabulary as well as some tips and tools that will make it easier to find what is interesting. Read the first part here: Wine […]

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Wine Tweeting 1: how to get started on Wine Twitter

Twitter has become a very popular thing among (primarily English speaking) wine aficionados and wine professionals, journalists, writers and other. At the same time it is almost impossible to understand what the point is of Twitter – unless you try it. Here’s a short introduction to wine tweeting that will get you started in this […]

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Wine screw cap

If only everyone used screw caps! Or not.

“Why don’t you use screw cap?” is a question that winemakers are often asked when people come and visit (especially if the visitors are Swedish! All Swedes – and many Britons – seem convinced of the screw caps superiority). Twenty years ago virtually all wine was sealed with natural cork and screw cap was only […]

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A modern wine filter

Filtration of wine, a short introduction

Almost all wines (counted in volume) are filtered in one way or another. There are a few wine producers who do not filter their wines. There are also wine enthusiasts who are convinced that unfiltered wines are better. that may be a very questionable truth. It probably depends very much on the wine and the […]

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New trials with genetically modified grape vines

The French agricultural research institute (INRA) has – again – planted an experimental vineyard with genetically modified vines. Out of the 500 vines in the test vineyard 70 have been genetically modified to see if that can counter-act the dreaded fan leaf virus disease (court noué). “Again”, since the started a similar trial a few […]

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Don’t put monkeys in the microwave oven

It may sound obvious. But in Sweden there is a bag-in-box wine called Three Monkeys, and it might not be wise to do even with that. Some bright and investigative mind decided to test what happens if you but a BiB in the microwave oven. (Perhaps his theory was that it might improve?) Ahead he […]

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Harvesting with a harvest machine

Mechanical harvest

Grape harvest with a harvest machine (tractor) A winegrower can either harvest manually with people in the vineyard, or do mechanical harvest with a machine. Mechanical harvest is done with a dedicated harvester or with a module attached to a vineyard tractor. Is manual harvest better than machine? The received wisdom is that manual harvest […]

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Cork dogs to fight TCA?

Corked wines is still a problem. It is often the fault of the foul smelling chemical TCA. Even if the situation seems to have improved over recent years (fewer corked wines) it’s still a problem. A reader of the Brief suggested that one could teach dogs to identify TCA and find bad corks before they […]

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“Wine Tech” galleries for the enthusiasts

We have started a series of wine growing and wine making slide shows to show more details on how some things are done. The intention is to illustrate some aspects of wine making or growing more in detail to give the enthusiast a better insight into each theme. For each theme we’ve created what we […]

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Wine Tech Galleries

We have, as an experiment, made a few ”Wine Tech Galleries”. The idea is that each gallery, or slide show, will illustrate a more or less technical aspect of winemaking and that we with the photos have a better possibility to explain what it is and how it works. We launched it partially as “additional […]

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New Wine Tech gallery / slide show

In our (recently started) series of galleries on slightly more technical issues around vine growing and wine making, and not just pretty grapes or beautiful chateaux, we have just published our second slide show. The second Wine Tech gallery is on machine harvesting grapes (follow this link). the slide show illustrates various aspects of mechanical […]

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Does filtered wine taste less good?

It is very common that wine is filtered before bottling. There are even oenologists who say that any winemaker who does not filter is irresponsible and careless. In the opposite corner we have the crowd that says that filtering, and the “finer” the worse, removes subtleties and nuances in the wine. Just look at all […]

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Vineyard technology: micro-climate monitoring

Grape Networks is a California based company that has developed a solution for wireless monitoring of the microclimate in vineyards. You install a number of sensors in the vineyard that collect environmental parameters. These are then transmitted wireless to an analysis application and can then be accessed from any standard computer. The benefits are an […]

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Dream Taste – a new cure for corked wine

A Burgundian company (Embag with Gérard Michel and Laurent Villaume) has developed a cure for wines with cork taint. You pour the wine into a decanter and put a small plastic grape bunch in it. The grape bunch contains a substance that absorbs the TCA (2,4,6-trichloroanisole) that gives the wine it off taste. Each treatment […]

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