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Chateau Cloche Tokaji Barrique Cuvée 2011

There is a Tokaji to suit every taste

Could it be that Tokaji is more than “just” sweet botrytis with points (puttonyos)? After a tasting of a number of Chateau Cloche’s products, I can say that the answer to that question is YES! BKWine Magazine’s reporter Henrik Stadler reports from an exciting Hungarian tasting. Chateau Cloche is located in the town of Szerencs […]

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New rules in Tokaj: puttonyos no more

An era is gone in the Hungarian wine region of Tokaj. Many of you probably remember Tokaj Aszú with its different number of puttonyos. It could be 3, 4, 5 or even 6. The more puttonyos, the higher the sugar content in the wine. Now Tokaj has simplified the classification of its wines and has, […]

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Sauternes wine and foie gras, a winning combination

What a great combination. A company that sells foie gras buys a Sauternes château. The château is famous Château Rayne Vigneau. The buyer is Trésor du Patrimoine, a company that sells foie gras as well as wine on line. The seller is the French bank Crédit Agricole but they will retain a small share. A […]

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Sales of other fortified wine by Systembolaget in Sweden

Emergency Alarm: We no longer drink sweet and fortified wines

Why do we no longer drink sweet wines? The Swedish monopoly Systembolaget recently presented the market situation for sweet wines and fortified wines in Sweden. It is catastrophic. And perhaps illustrative of what happens in other countries too. Sweet wines disappearing? Over 25 years the consumption of sweet wines has fallen by around 85%. In […]

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View on Pantelleria

Pantelleria. A drop in the Mediterranean

“Are we in Iraq?”, asks a fellow traveller, looking out the car window. “I think it looks like Tunisia,” says another. “Are we in the right place?”, asks number three. Yes, we are in the right place. We are on the island of Pantelleria. A drop of soil of sixteen times eight kilometres and we […]

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The vineyards at Chateau d'Yquem, Sauternes

Sauternes – the death of a myth

It is sad when something you have always believed in turns out to be false. I suppose I am not the only one having learned early on that the fog that causes noble rot in Sauternes occurs when cold water from the small river Ciron meets the warmer waters of the Garonne. Now I learn […]

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Grand cru vineyards in Alsace

Alsace – dry or sweet?

We have probably all experienced a bottle of wine from Alsace that did not go well with the food we served. The reason being, for the most part, that the wine was sweeter than we had expected. This is a problem that producers in Alsace have long been aware of. Some argue that a little […]

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Chateau d'Yquem, Sauternes, Bordeaux. 1975.

No Château d’Yquem 2012

There will be no 2012 vintage of Château d’Yquem, the most famous Sauternes chateau. The conditions for the development of noble rot was bad this year, and the chateau’s director Pierre Lurton would rather refrain from making an Yquem wine than to make one with little concentration. Last time it happened was in 1992, says […]

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A glass of sweet Alsace wine

Sweet things from Alsace

You probably had at least one sweet wine during the Christmas festivities. Here are some more suggestions for sweet wines even if the end-of-the-year party is over. Maybe with a cheese, the Christmas pudding or the walnuts. The foie gras on New Year’s Eve is best enjoyed with a sweet or slightly sweet wine. In […]

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Grand cru vineyards in Alsace

Sweet wines from Alsace

On sweet and semi-sweet wines from Alsace During Christmas and New Year there are often many opportunities to drink a sweet or semi-sweet wine. They go, for instance, extraordinarily well with foie gras and blue cheeses like the English Stilton or the French Roquefort. A Sauternes with a foie gras de canard (duck liver) is […]

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Gaillac gets vendange tardive

Vendange tardive is a designation that means that the grapes are harvested later than the normal harvest – that is actually the literal translation of the word. It is perhaps not something that one often thinks about but it can actually only be used for wines from the Alsace in northern France and Jurançon on […]

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Noble rot

Noble rot is what makes some sweet wines what they are. Noble rot, or botrytis cinerea (or pourriture noble in French), is a kind of fungus, a mushroom, which can develop on the grapes in the vineyard under certain conditions, when the weather is humid. In the right conditions it becomes noble rot. The winemaker […]

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Sweet white wines from Bordeaux – not just Sauternes

“Vins d’Or de Bordeaux” (Golden Wines from Bordeaux) is a theme under which Bordeaux wants to publicise the sweet wines from the region, and perhaps in particular some of the lesser known appellations. Sweet whites are produced on 4068 hectares, which represents only 2% of the total area of Bordeaux. The appellations included in Vins […]

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