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Douro river, vineyards, Alves de Sousa sign, Douro

New discoveries in the Portuguese vineyards

Portugal is a relatively unknown wine country, apart from port wine. But in recent decades, the Portuguese “table wine” production has made significant steps forward. Today you can find wines from Portugal, both in the category “medium-priced and very affordable” wines as well as true top-quality ones. The Portuguese wine day gave an opportunity to […]

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This autumn’s wine tours sneak preview

We will be launching two new wine tours in the autumn. But already today we can give you the information here. It will be one great classic and one tour to perhaps the wine world’s most spectacular river: Bordeaux, September 17-21 Douro Valley in Portugal, October 22-26

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A glass of Tintilla de Rota de Finca Moncloa Gonzales Byass

Exclusively sweet, port wine and more

We often talk about port wine as if it were one single type of wine. But there is world of difference between, for example, an aged tawny and a vintage port. No news perhaps but it is worth pointing out again. A tawny is aged for a long time in oak barrels and becomes “oxidized”, […]

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Harvesting gamay in a Beaujolais vineyard

The wine harvest around Europe in 2013

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to travel around to many of the European wine regions at harvest time, thanks to our many wine tours. It gives us a unique opportunity to get a feeling for how the harvest is and plenty of opportunities to discuss with the wine growers. Here is a short […]

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Amorim helix cork

Amorim launches new natural cork

At Vinexpo, recently held in Bordeaux, Amorim launched a new way to seal a wine bottle called Helix Concept. Helix Concept is in fact both a bottle and a cork. The cork is a slightly longer version of the kind of cork you would put on a fortified wine. The bottle neck is specially designed […]

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The view over the river and vineyards from Quinta do Tedo in the Douro Valley

An introduction to the Douro Valley, Wine Region of the Year

Each year the world’s biggest wine tasting association (Munskankarna) selects a “Wine Region of the Year”. This year it is the Douro Valley. Very well deserved! A spectacular wine region, perhaps the most stunning vineyard landscapes of all, with many great wines. And definitely not only port wines. Today they make many excellent “table” wines […]

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What makes Portugal different from other wine countries?

What makes Portugal different from other wine countries? This is the main theme when the famous Portuguese wine journalist Rui Falcão gives his “master class” lecture in Malmö, on an afternoon in early April. Mostly it is sommeliers and restaurant people gathered to take part in this presentation of Portugal from a wine perspective. Rui […]

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Porto, a city worth visiting

Porto, at the mouth of the Douro River, is an interesting city. Its twin across the Douro, Vila Nova de Gaia, is where you find all the old port “lodges” (it is no longer an obligation to be there for a port producer). Porto itself is a superb city to visit, with its old city […]

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Yes, one really should drink more Portuguese wines!

As if one needed convincing! We made an interview some time back (quite some time) with Sarah Ahmed on why Portuguese wines are so interesting. She had a whole bunch of good arguments. Watch the entire video interview with Sarah Ahmed, The Wine Detective, here: 5 reasons why Portuguese wines are great with Sarah Ahmed, […]

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A church with azulejos

Good restaurants in Porto – some suggestions

Porto is a wonderful city to visit, but it is not, in our experience always easy to find a good restaurant. We were very happy with DOP, that we wrote about recently (see in the menu “Recommendations – Restaurants” on BKWine Magazine). Since we go to Porto every once in a while for the Douro […]

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Rooftops and the cathedral, Porto

More restaurant recommendations in Porto

Restaurants to try in and around Porto Porto is a great city to visit. For the wines of course, post and table wine, but also for its beauty and history. But we must confess that we have always found it challenging to find a good restaurant in Porto. We have found some, notably DOP. Look […]

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