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Gunter Kunstler of Weingut Kunstler

Gunter Künstler of Weingut Künstler shares his thoughts on wine

A German-Italian-Austrian winemaker in the Rheingau Weingut Künstler is a family wine estate dating back to 1648. With roots in the Czech Republic and Hungary they are today located in Hochheim in Rheingau in Germany. Gunter Künstler was recently in Stockholm for a magnificent tasting and review of their wines. Ulf Bengtsson reports for BKWine. […]

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Rue du riesling

Dr Loosen: delicious wines from the Mosel Valley

There are six things that make the wines from the Mosel Valley so extraordinary. The first is the grape variety, riesling that makes the wines from here so special, together with the local soils and climate. The other five factors are explained by Peter Modin, guest writer on BKWine Magazine, in his article on an […]

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A glass of sparkling wine

The Germans like their Sekt

7% of all wine produced in the world is sparkling, according to Vitisphere. This is an increase of 2% since 2002. 65% of the sparkling wines come from France, followed by Italy, Germany, Spain and Chile. As for the consumption of sparkling wine Germany tops the list closely followed by France. The Germans drink up […]

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Grand cru vineyards in Alsace

Sweet wines from Alsace

On sweet and semi-sweet wines from Alsace During Christmas and New Year there are often many opportunities to drink a sweet or semi-sweet wine. They go, for instance, extraordinarily well with foie gras and blue cheeses like the English Stilton or the French Roquefort. A Sauternes with a foie gras de canard (duck liver) is […]

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Germany’s most grown grapes

In our last Brief we wrote about the most popular grape varieties grown in Germany. The figures came from a print magazine but after looking at them a little more closely we thought they looked a bit peculiar (as did some of our readers!). So we checked instead the statistics from Deutsche Weininstitut: These figures […]

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Germany’s most popular white grapes

Here is the list of the most popular white wine grape varieties in Germany, counted in volume: – Muller thurgau, 14% – Riesling, 13% – Gruner veltliner, 7% – Chardonnay, 5% – Pinot gris (rulander), 4% – Silvaner, 4% – Other, 53% White wine still dominates production but merlot is actually the second most used […]

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Germany harvests ice wine

On November 18-19 weather was cold enough in Germany to harvest the famed ice wine, Eiswein. 1500 l Riesling and 1200 l Pinot Noir (!) were harvested in freezing weather in Baden. Rheingau, Nahe, and Franken also made some ice wine, as well as small quantities in Mosel. This years abundant German harvest made more […]

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German harvest: big volume, excellent quality

A sigh of relief can also be heard in Germany after this year’s harvest. they had an early flowering and good weather during the harvest (but what happened in between was perhaps not so great). This led to excellently ripe grapes in all wine regions in Germany. The volume is estimated to 11 million hl, […]

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German consumers buy wines according to taste

A survey of German consumer behaviour has shown that German consumers primarily buy wines according to taste and character (51.3%). Geographic origin was most important for 12% of the consumers, price for 9% and grape variety for 7%. Perhaps somewhat surprising results considering the reputation the German market has for being extremely price sensitive.  Wine […]

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Weingut Manderschied, Pfalz | BKWine Pick

Young Martin Manderscheid owns 15 hectares in Pfalz (Palatinate) in Germany. He took over the property from his father three years ago. 60% of the production is white wines, the rest is red and rosé. We’ve had the opportunity to taste three of Martin’s wines and were duly impressed. Grauburgunder 2005 Spätlese Trocken is a […]

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