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Chateau Brane Cantenac corks

Protect your wine with The Wine Condom

“The wine condom” will protect your wine once the bottle has been opened, it claims. Proper protection for your wine is indeed a good tag line. This new wine-related Kickstarter “wine condom” project had me intrigued when I read about it. What could possibly a “wine condom” do? If anything, I would love for my […]

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Cork in an ice cold bottle of grappa

A new device to preserve an opened bottle of wine

Coravin lets you drink the wine without pulling the cork. At a price. There are various devices that you can use to keep your wine longer after you have opened the bottles and a new one has just arrived. Let’s first look at what exists today. Vacuum pumps Some work with a “vacuum” (to be […]

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Jungwinzerinnen Kalender

The 2012 calendar with sexy winemakers launched

Sorry ladies, it is not handsome vineyard farmers looking for spouses (does that TV program exist elsewhere?). It is twelve young female wine growers who have made a calendar, the Jungwinzerinnen Kalender. Each month in the calendar is illustrated with a lightly (very) clad grower, dressed in nothing but lace underwear. The idea, one assumes, […]

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A big (BIG) wine bottle

But we don’t mean just big, we mean REALLY, REALLY BIG. Want Wines in Liaoning in China has produced a bottle containing 1,850 litres of wine. It measures 5 meter in height. ‘We are very proud, and the wine is very good. We have all had a glass from the bottle to celebrate,’ said a […]

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Another bright bottle idea?

Dom Pérignon, the luxury champagne brand made by Moët & Chandon, i.e. the luxury products group LVMH, has launched a special packaging of the Dom Pérignon bottle for night clubs. It is called “lightskin” and for a reason. It is a tight fitting plastic cover that glows in the dark (maybe so that you can […]

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A wine that’s gone flat

Adrien Cussonneau, a design student, won a well deserved prize for his original wine bottle. His end-of-studies project was to design a bottle on the theme “Loire profiles”. The resulting bottle turned out, well, flat. From one side it’s a classic bottle profile, from the other it is completely flat. Very elegant. The flat bottle […]

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A bottle of Masa Super Premium for $2500

A very elegant bottle safely guarded in an elegant wooden box decorated with stylish calligraphy. Harvest made by hand, of course, and delicately treated to produce a unique beverage for the connoisseur. Produced in only 100 bottles. A new super-extra-special-premium wine from California? A new champagne to rival Krug’s Clos d’Ambonnay (with an equally silly […]

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Wine-filled chocolate, wine-flavoured salt…

Christmas time is often when we indulge (more than usual) in sweets and other goodies. Is chocolate filled with wine the perfect Christmas present for the wine lover? 80% merlot, 20% cabernet sauvignon, 72 % cocoa, and 1.2% alcohol (that makes for 173.2% in total!). Indeed, it sounds very interesting but unfortunately we have not […]

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Parsed wine

Are you looking for a nice gift to give to your enemy? Perhaps one of the strange decanters made by the artist Etienne Meneau can fit the bill? The shape of the decanters is reminiscent of the root system of a vine (or an upside down tree). Each can contain one normal bottle of wine. […]

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Become winemaker

To become a winemaker is perhaps a secret dream for some, but one that is not easy to make come true. Well, now there is another possibility to do it (other than dishing out 200€M for Latour): buy a WinePod. The WinePod is a stainless steel “thing”, shaped like a wine glass, a bit more […]

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Wine gadgets for Christmas?

What about a pair of ear-rings in the shape of grape bunches? Or a cocktail table with legs made from old vines? Or a tshirt with the text “I’ll trade my husband for wine”? Or keeping to the more down to earth things, decanters, glasses and many other kind of (potential) gift items. Lots of […]

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Machine makes cheap plonk taste like grand cru

“The Wine Ager” is the concept name for a machine that with ultrasound supposedly makes a cheap wine taste like a much more expensive wine in no time, or at least in 30 minutes. And eliminates hangover! Casey Jones, the inventor of the apparatus that looks like a large ice bucket, says: “This machine can […]

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WiFi and climate control in the vineyard

In the last Brief we talked about GrapeNetworks who has developed a solution based on climate and humidity sensors connected through a WiFi network to improve vineyard management. It allows for better resource and water management and potentially less use of harmful substances in the vineyard. There’s now a video available that you can watch […]

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Christmas gift? USBWine – download wines over broadband

The latest innovation in wine e-commerce is called USBWine. It’s a small USB-key-like device that you plug into your computer. You then visit one of the participating wine web sites and you can directly download the wines through your USB tap. Several different Bordeaux and Burgundy wines are initially on offer. Too good to be […]

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