Machine makes cheap plonk taste like grand cru

“The Wine Ager” is the concept name for a machine that with ultrasound supposedly makes a cheap wine taste like a much more expensive wine in no time, or at least in 30 minutes. And eliminates hangover! Casey Jones, the inventor of the apparatus that looks like a large ice bucket, says: “This machine can take your run-of-the-mill £3.99 bottle of plonk and turn it into a finest bottle of vintage, tasting like it’s hundreds”. The taste is improved by chemical reactions induced by the ultrasound. It also acts on the alcohols making them easier to absorb by the kidneys (sic), virtually eliminating the risk for a hangover. Winemaker Andre Jones at Buzzard Valley Vineyards commented: “Obviously it can’t change the grape variety used, but it does mean a relatively poor variety can be made to taste a lot higher market”. In spite of the price tag being around £350 the inventor expects a big market for it, e.g. from all the bankers who are used to paying £1000 for a bottle and now can get the same taste for much less. Especially now, perhaps, with the financial crisis in full bloom. (On the other hand, it might show a certain lack of understanding of the motivations of people who do pay thousands of pounds for wine bottles?) Unfortunately, we have not had the possibility to try the machine. We’ll bring out the €3 cotesdurhone if it comes our way… Read more

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