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Riedel Coca Cola glasses

Riedel glass tasting with Coca Cola

Riedel is known for its plethora of different types of wine glasses. They have become extremely popular, but in BKWine’s tasting room we use other types of wine tasting glasses. Now Riedel has launched a glass specially designed for making Coca Cola tastier. Is it possible? BKWine’s Anette Zellen Söderström reports. Yes, for us it […]

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Burning pruned branches in winter

The golden secateurs to Lynch-Bages’ pruner

Now in winter time, maybe the wine produce can slow down a little and recuperate? Hardly. Now begins the season for la taille, the winter pruning. An extremely important task that requires special skill so you do not put a pair of secateurs in anybody’s hand. But you probably would put it in Diamentino Rato […]

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Diploma In Vino Amicitas, L'Association de l'Amitie Entre les Vins

I won a Lalau wine award, but not the Roeder one

We didn’t win the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers Awards 2012 but instead the In Vino Amicitas Grand Prix Lalau pour L’Amitié entre les Vins Congratulations to Andrew Jefford and Michael Fridjhon and several others for winning the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers Awards 2012. A great achievement to very deserving writers. There are the awards […]

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Red wine in an oak barrel, Burgundy

There’s a competition for just about everything, malolactic fermentation for example!

“The Lallemand Malolactic Fermentation Wine Competition 2012″ – This is probably the most original wine competition that we have heard of. It was organized for the second time by chemical company Lallemand in Madrid in February this year. The idea behind the competition is to make people (wine makers) aware of the importance of controlling […]

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The windmill at Moulin a Vent in Beaujolais

Red wine turns iron into a superconductor

Japanese scientists have discovered that red wine can turn certain iron compounds into superconductors, according to A superconductor can transport electricity without any significant electrical resistance which for instance means that it can be transported indefinitely without losses. The Japanese researchers discovered that certain liquids contributed to the super-conductive properties and decided to try […]

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Addictive wine? (fun game)

It is not the wine itself. It is the game. Vignobles de France is an online game where you should place French wine appellations as close as possible to the correct location (in a limited time). The closer you get the more points you score. Some are easy but some are really hard. Pessac-Légonan is […]

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Jungwinzerinnen Kalender

The 2012 calendar with sexy winemakers launched

Sorry ladies, it is not handsome vineyard farmers looking for spouses (does that TV program exist elsewhere?). It is twelve young female wine growers who have made a calendar, the Jungwinzerinnen Kalender. Each month in the calendar is illustrated with a lightly (very) clad grower, dressed in nothing but lace underwear. The idea, one assumes, […]

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Ad in the metro

New papers from the Wine Economists? Do we seek solace in alcohol or is it the other way around?

The Association of American Wine Economists has published two new intriguing papers. The first is about the development of economic thinking and viticulture. The second is on a more unexpected subject: it is a study on the correlation between monogamy and alcohol consumption. It turns out that in societies that move from polygamy to monogamy […]

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Yoga for wine lovers

Yoga for wine lovers

If you feel the need to exercise or get away from your sedentary life-style, perhaps you should try yoga. The cartoonist pair behind Harold’s Planet has developed a particular kind of yoga for wine lovers. Watch the video here:

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Who is Günther?

Since you read the Brief you may now have come to realise that bag in box wines are immensely popular in Sweden (and in the rest of Scandinavia). More than 50% of all wine is sold in the plastic bag in the carton. There is a magnificent spoof music video singing the praise of the […]

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Jazz and wine in the Languedoc

Each year in August there is the Jazz à l’Hospitalet festival in the Languedoc. It is the dynamic winemaker Gerard Bertrand (and ex-rugby star) that since several years arranges the festival at his vineyard at Château l’Hospitalet. This year the jazz festival takes place on August 5 to 9. And it’s an impressive list of […]

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Today’s scoop

We read in The Guardian a long (it feels) article about a wine expert called Tim Hanni who, according to what the Guardian says, recommends that wine consumers should ignore what the wine critics say and drink what they like themselves… And where is the news item? Read more about this revolutionizing opinion:

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More on Worcester Sauce

We’ve been writing about the wine blog called Worcester Sauce, written by Stuart George, since some time now. The big question has been, why is it called The Worcester Sauce Blog? The latest suggestion is that “Nobody knows what on earth goes into this stuff”. May we add that this suggestion comes from a fellow […]

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Wine trends for 2010 – our predictions

Ten predictions for wine trends for 2010 Wine Trend 2010 #1, environmental issues #1, eco-friendly wines It’s been a trend for some time now but we think it will continue and perhaps accelerate in 2010. We consciously say “eco-friendly” and not organic wines since there is a big group of producers who work with so […]

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Wine Trend 2010 #10: China grows in importance

In a longer term this will have a big impact but even in the short term it will be noticeable. It is above all on the consumption side that it will have an effect – the Chinese demand for wine will grow. It will primarily be more expensive wines that will sell rather than budget […]

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Wine Trend 2010 #9: More protectionism in the EU

This is the trend that we most hop that we will be mistaken on. Over the last few years the EU agricultural policy (the CAP) regarding wine has mad quite a lot of progress towards a more open and market oriented regulation. This is largely thanks to the outgoing agriculture commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel and […]

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Wine Trend 2010 #8: Cheaper (less expensive) champagne

Champagne is probably the wine region that has prospered most during the past decade. They have rather had a shortage of wine (or grapes) and steadily growing prices. But there’s a risk that this is over. Sales in 2009 have probably dived by more than 25% (we don’t have any final numbers). In spite of […]

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Wine Trend 2010 #6: Good time for budget wines

2009 was the year of The Crisis but it didn’t make people stop drinking wines. Instead, consumers moved towards less expensive wines. This, we think, will continue in 2010. There will be a focus on value for money. Expect good times for wine producers who make budget (not to say cheap) wines with lots of […]

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