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Wine barrels in the cellar

Oak barrels to let?

During one of our wine tour trips recently we met for the first time a producer (not the one on the photo) who rents his oak barrels instead of buying them. Buying French oak barrels cost a lot of money (between 600 and 800 euro for one 225-liter barrel) and renting can be a way […]

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A dead gamay vine

Problems in Beaujolais

As many as a quarter of all Beaujolais growers (ie 500 growers) will possibly go bankrupt before the year is over. So great is the crisis in the region, according to La Vigne. The harvest in 2012 will, due to various weather problems, be small and this will not help the situation. The growers expect […]

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End of The Good Times for top Bordeaux wines?

Will the financial crisis lead to harder times for the most exclusive wine chateaux in Bordeaux? Some people think so. Jeffrey Davis says to Wine Business International that he has noted a decline in the demand in top US restaurants. Others also note a weakening demand. But it’s perhaps not only the financial crisis that […]

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New economic perspective on gastronomy and wine

The Association of Wine Economists have joined together with the Society of Quantitative Gastronomy (yes, they both exist!) to publish the Journal of Wine Economics with a new profile. Once every year they will publish a special issue focused on gastronomy. In the next June issue they will for example have an article on “is […]

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