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We have a big hole in our wine cellar. Or so it seems. We need to refill the spaces on the shelves so that we have something to drink for dinner. We have always had a soft spot for the wines from the Languedoc so my thoughts wandered off to a wine shop we visited very long time ago, the Caves 41 in Nimes. The have a great selection of Languedoc-Roussillon and Rhone wines as well as a little bit of other things. So I looked them up on the internet, not expect to pass by Nimes any time soon. Yes they have a page but not an online shop. Not even a wine list online. Great pity.

The Languedoc Book
The Languedoc Book

But I did not want to give up that easily so I gave them a call and asked if they delivered to, say, Paris. “Absolutely. No problem at all. Just send us an email and we’ll send you our list” was the swift answer. A few minutes later I had their list in my inbox.

Their wine list was a simple excel sheet with their wines and the prices. But what a list it was. I estimate that they had some 1200 different wines on the list. All from the Languedoc-Roussillon (and a dollop of southern Rhône Valley). Lots of different producers, lots of different vintages, different bottle sizes (up to 6 litres). And prices ranging from 3 or 4 euro up to several hundred euro.

Several of their producers are featured in our book on the wines from the Languedoc, but many are not. Some of them I have not even heard of. Exciting! A small selection of the producers they had, just to whet your appetite:

  • Domain Alquier
  • Leon Barral
  • Mas Bruguiere
  • Domaine Canet Valette
  • Coume del Mas
  • Clos des Fées
  • Domaine de la Garance
  • Domaine Gauby and also Pithon and Matassa in Calces
  • Grange des Pères
  • Mas Jullien
  • Domaine Kreydenweiss (of Alsace fame)
  • Domaine Montcalmes
  • Domaine Roc des Anges
  • Les Vigne Oubliés
  • etc, etc

But my mission was to find some wines for our everyday drinking. So I made a quick sort of the list to select the wines that cost 15 euro or less. It resulted in around a hundred wines, so now I just have to sit down and make my selection. Difficult!

You may here more about this once the wines arrive…

Here are the details:

Caves du 41, 191 chemin du Mas de Cheylon, 30900 Nîmes, Tel: 04 66 36 20 36, www.caves-41.com

And who knows, perhaps they even deliver to your address.

The Temple d'Auguste et de Livie in Vienne, similar to the Maison Carre in Nimes
The Temple d’Auguste et de Livie in Vienne, similar to the Maison Carre in Nimes, copyright BKWine Photography

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