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Chateau la Conseillante is a family owned (Nicolas) property in Pomerol. Jean-Michel Laporte is responsible for the running and for the winemaking since a handful of years. The 12 ha vineyard is planted with mainly merlot (80-85% in the wine) and some cabernet franc. In 2007 they launched a “second wine” called Duo de Conseillante, which now accounts for 10-20% of production.

– 2008 Duo (barrel sample): powerful, cocoa and chocolate, elegant, “aérienne”, good structure
– 2008 La Conseillante (barrel sample): powerful, lots of warm fruit, round, cassis (black currants), warm barrel aging style without being exaggerated, long, hot
– 2007 Duo (first year of production): compact, warm, lots of cassis, more substance than the ’08, good structure, balanced oak, classic and elegant.
– 2007 La Conseillante: small nose, elegant, discrete toasted oak, quite a lot of tannin, restrained but very elegant
– 2006 la Conseillante: softer and rounder, lots of cassis and fruit, high acidity, elegant tannins. “great potential, longer life than 2005, unfortunately overshadowed by 05” (Laporte)
– 2005 La Conseillante: open, developed nose with cedar wood, warm fruit and truffles. Powerful, lots of tanning, elegant, warm, young (of course). Long finish.
– 2001 La Conseillante: lighter, more delicate, very elegant. More young fruity berries in style. High acidity, more “red fruit” style. A bit angular. Needs time? “Very good” (Laporte)
– 2000 La Conseillante: warm, powerful but rounded, leather, maturity. Classic, cedar wood. Drinking very nicely now. “Excellent and delicious but perhaps less long-lived than 01”
– 1999 La Conseillante: lighter, more elegant, tobacco, cedar, classic, warm, herbs. Quite light but with lots of elegance, red fruit, good maturity. Very drinkable…

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