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Hungary seems to be the flavour of the month, or rather of the year. And I hope that it will not stop at that. We have had the occasion to taste quite a few Hungarian wines recently (more about that later) and many of them are excellent! (Read for example “Uncorked, June” to be published later today or tomorrow.) We were invited to participate in the Hungarian wine show VinCE and in the eponymous magazine’s tasting panel. And most recently we were interviewed by a Hungarian online wine magazine called logoI have learned only a few words in Hungarian, a seriously difficult language. I know at least that wine is called ‘bor’. (But I can assure you that most Hungarian wines are anything but bor-ing.) So the headline of the article on clearly has something to do with wine: “Borvilágutazók“!

I think it means “wine world travellers” (thank you Google Translate), or something of the sort, and that is what the article is about, our travels around the wine world and our wine tour activity.

We are very proud of what we do with our wine tours, perhaps the only wine travel business of a significant size that is run by people who are really involved in wine, us also being journalists and wine writers. We probably spend around a third of the year travelling, visiting something like 200-300 wineries every year. You have to like it; otherwise you wouldn’t do it…

Wines at the Drop Shop wine bar and shop in Budapest

Wines at the Drop Shop wine bar and shop in Budapest, copyright BKWine Photography

We are also very proud and happy to have been noticed by a Hungarian publication for our wine tours. Thank you,!

If you are curious to know more about our wine tours then you can have a go at the Hungarian article with a bit of Google Translate: “Borvilágutazók“.

Or you can take a look at our wine travel site: BKWine Tours, where you can read about the autumn wine tour to Bordeaux and also the autumn wine tour to the Douro Valley in Portugal. Or if you are even more adventurous, take a look at our program for the Chile and Argentina wine tour (that is unfortunately already sold out), or our fabulous wine tour to South Africa in March.

Hope to see you on one of our wine tours!

Tasting at the Drop Shop wine bar in Budapest

Tasting at the Drop Shop wine bar in Budapest, copyright BKWine Photography

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