Wine and spirits sales liberalised! – In Texas…

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It is easy to believe that the USA is the pinnacle of market economies. In the alcohol sector that could not be farther from the truth. The rules around selling alcohol vary much from state to state and even within states. In Texas each county can set its own rules. Some weeks ago 13 votes approved new rules liberalising fully or partially alcohol sales in 11 counties. All ballot initiatives were towards a more liberal regulation and all proposals were approved.

46 counties have completely liberalised sales (“wet” counties) of alcohol and in 22 counties it is completely forbidden (“dry” counties). There are 186 “damp” counties. Since 2004 some 420 ballots for full or partial liberalisation have been approved while two counties have banned all sales. All according to Shanken News Daily. We certainly hope that the ”wave” of liberalisation continues across the world – both for alcohol sales and in production rules and appellation legislation.

Vine pruned in winter in water
Vine pruned in winter in water, copyright BKWine Photography

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