Oregano protects against fungal diseases in the vineyard

Can the solution to the problem of the dreaded fungal disease downy mildew (mildiou) be something as simple as oregano? It is a little early to answer yes to that question. But the experiments that two Swiss researchers are currently doing are interesting.

They discovered that by spraying essential oil of oregano on chasselas grapes inoculated with downy mildew, an outbreak of the disease was prevented because the vine’s immune system had been activated.

There are still many issues to be solved regarding the usefulness of spraying with oregano. The photosynthesis may be affected by prolonged spraying. And not least, will the grapes absorb the taste of oregano?

However, the researchers are cautiously optimistic and believe that even if their discovery cannot protect the vines totally, it can help reduce the use of synthetic fungicides. And for organic growers, it could reduce the use of copper.

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A vine leaf attacked by mildiou (downy mildew)

A vine leaf attacked by mildiou (downy mildew), copyright BKWine Photography

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