New site! Please be patient!

Welcome to BKWine Magazine!

Welcome to our brand new site design.

Our new site will make it much more easy for you to find information. It will also integrate the various blogs and sites that were previously on separate URLs.

We have separated the wine travel business related information to its own site:, where you can find all details of our wine tours – “World’s Top Wine Tours”.

But: there is a lot of information that we will have to migrate to this address and to organise so that you can easily find it.

In the Blog you will find all recent posts.

In Features you there are longer (mostly) articles on various subjects: wine regions, grape varieties, wine producers, hot issues to debate, technical information on viticulture and vinification, wine and food stories and much more.

Under videos you will find all our videos made under the name of BKWine TV plus some other video items. We are very excited about this since we have not previously had the possibility to display our videos on our site.

In the Reviews section we write our comments on restaurants, wine producers (short stories on some of our favourite producers, in contrast to longer stories that you can find in the Features section),  wine books, and a few wine shops, as well as some other things.

In Our Books we give you some information about the books we have written: The Creation of a Wine and The Wines of the Languedoc (none of which has, so far, been published in English).

One previously very popular section on our site was The Gastronomic Glossary that you now find under Resources. There will also in the future be some other things there too. (Any suggestions?)

And for the rest there is some information about us at BKWine and what services we provide to our customers, as well as more information on this site, now called BKWine Magazine, and the guest writers we have here.

Please be patient! It will take some time.

And please give us feedback. Good and bad. And if you find issues or problems with the site, please let us know!

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