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Curiously, this has not previously been published on BKWine Magazine even though it is one of our most viewed videos and dates back to 2009. It shows the launch of a new champagne closure called Maestro. However, after the launch the new cork (capsule actually) was ruled illegal by the authorities since the rules says that the text “Champagne” must be printed on the cork and since there is no surface suitable for printing on this closure it was not following the rules…

The launch of the new revolutionary, according to the launchers, champagne closure med from plastic and aluminium, no longer made from natural cork. It is called Maestro and is made by Alcan and the first champagne producer to use it is Champagnes Duval-Leroy. Presented by Duval-Leroy’s export director Roger Begault. Not a cork, but a cap (capsule).

Maestro sparkling wine closure by Alcan and Duval-Leroy

Maestro sparkling wine closure by Alcan and Duval-Leroy

You use a lever to open it and you don’t risk getting the cork in your eye. You will still have the traditional champagne pop that everyone connects to opening a bottle of champagne. It is in fact a crown cork (beer bottle cap) under a plastic cover.

The closure has been developed by Alcan Packaging Capsules in collaboration with Champagnes Duval-Leroy. It will eliminate all problems with corked bottles and is also much easier to open than the traditional cork. If it will be accepted by the customers remains to be seen. It is the same closure that is used for almost all champagnes when they are sur lattes aging in the cellars of the champagne houses.

The wine in the very first bottle is Clos des Bouveries in Vertus of the vintage 2004 from Champagne Duval Leroy, one of their prestige cuvees. It is cultivated almost organically.

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