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Most wine regions are beautiful, have charming landscapes. Actually, I should say “all” and not “most”. Pictures and videos can be an inspiration and can give you a better feeling for different regions. We publish quite a lot of photos and clips on our different Facebook pages. That can also be an inspiration and information for you if you are thinking about coming on one of our tours. But if you are not on Facebook you can’t see it. They’re not available without an FB account.

But there is a way to get around it. You can have an account on Facebook, making it possible to see all, but with “settings” that makes your account invisible to others. We have written a short explanation on how to do it.

Take a look at our article on BKWine’s Travel Blog: See our travel updates on Facebook without being seen yourself.

Here are two of our Facebook pages they might be of interest to you:

  • BKWine Wine Tour Chile Argentina  – if you are curious to know more about wine travel in South America. “Join” the group and you will see more updates.
  • BKWine Tours – with information, pictures, and videos on all wine regions that we travel to. “Like” the page and you will get info from it in your timeline.  You can even choose “see first” with the down arrow on the like-button.
Vineyards at Vina Vik, Chile

Vineyards at Vina Vik, Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

Geese in the vineyard at the Emiliana Winery, Chile

Geese in the vineyard at the Emiliana Winery, Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

Organic vineyard in Chile

Organic vineyard in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

A view from the winery at Vina Vik, Chile

A view from the winery at Vina Vik, Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

A biggish bottle of Vina Vik over lunch

A biggish bottle of Vina Vik over lunch, copyright BKWine Photography

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