Frozen sauvignon blanc from South Africa gives more flavourful wine

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There seem to be no limits to the creativity of winemakers. Diemersdal Estate in Durbanhill in South Africa has recently launched its third vintage of its Sauvignon Blanc Winter Ferment. For this wine, the grapes are harvested in February. The grapes are pressed and the juice gets 3 days of skin contact. However, the fermentation is not done until the South African winter. Before that, the juice is frozen for four months. This gives a very special taste to the wine, according to the owner and winemaker Thys Louw.

What was most surprising to him was the high thiol contents of the wine. Much higher than what is usual in a South African Sauvignon blanc. Thiols are components that are created during fermentation and give Sauvignon Blanc its special aromatic character (tropical fruit, passion fruit, gooseberry…). Winter Ferment started as an experiment but has become a great success with wine consumers.

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Sauvignon blanc in Pouilly-sur-Loire
Sauvignon blanc in Pouilly-sur-Loire, copyright BKWine Photography

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