French food and wine with geographic origin: 94% of wine

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In France there is a variety of food products that are sold with a geographical origin. Among these products wine is the leader. 94% of all French wine is labelled SIQO, which stands for signe d’identification de la qualité et de l’origine, which means designation of quality and origin. There are two SIQO for wine: AOP/AOC and IGP.

The IGP designation replaced the vin de pays category in 2009. Vin de Pays wines had an origin but they were considered as table wines, not, like the IGP, as quality wines. In France, there are currently 366 AOP/AOC and 74 IGP.

Other food products can also have an AOP or an IGP. There are for instance 50 AOP for milk products, mostly for butter and cheese. Two delicious birds have their own AOP, chicken and turkey from Bresse. 126 different food products have an IGP.

Furthermore there is a SIQO designation called Label Rouge, which was created in the 1960s, 30 years before the AOP and IGP designations were introduced for food. All SIQO are governed by the organization INAO, l’Institut national de l’origine et de la qualité.

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