Argentina’s top grape varieties: More Malbec and Syrah

The most important grape in Argentina is Malbec and it has doubled its acreage in the last 15 years. It has now 18% of the vine surface in the country. Syrah has also increased its acreage substantially. The light coloured Cereza and the black Criolla Grande are decreasing but they are still planted on 20% of the total surface. These are grapes used for simple table wines that never reach the export markets. Pedro Ximenez is also a Criolla grape used mostly, but not only, for simple wines. It is thought to be a different grape than the eponymous Spanish one.

Malbec vines in the vineyard in Mendoza

Malbec vines in the vineyard in Mendoza, copyright BKWine Photography

Most planted grapes in Argentina

  1. Malbec, 40,000 hectares, 17.8%
  2. Cereza Rosé, 29,000 ha, 12.9%
  3. Bonarda, 19,000 ha, 8.4%
  4. Criolla Grande, 16,000 ha, 7.1%
  5. Cabernet Sauvignon, 15,000 ha, 6.7%
  6. Syrah, 13,000, 5.8%
  7. Pedro Ximenez, 11,000 ha, 4.9%
  8. Torrontes Riojano, 8,000 ha, 3.6%
  9. Moscatel Rosado, 7,000 ha, 3.1%
  10. Chardonnay, 6,000 ha, 2.7%
  11. Other grapes, 61,000 ha, 27.1%
  12. Total: 225,000 hectares

Source OIV

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