Domaine des Grécaux

Coteaux du Languedoc – Montpeyroux

We stand out in the vineyard, together with Alain who picks up glass, bottles and crackers. “I want to show the relationship between soil and wine,” he says, and pours out his glass was Hemer to us. The grapes for this wine are grown just where we stand, in this poor soil, really just on the verge of being too skinny for the vines, “says Alain. “There is no question of olive trees are better.” But given the wine’s extraordinary concentration and density as it seems to us that he should keep the vines a little longer.

Domaine des Grécaux is a young property. Alain and Isabelle Caujolle-Gazette began operations in 1998 and made his first vintage the following year. They are both agronomists, he was from Normandy, she was from Burgundy. After working 12 years in South America and Africa, they came back to France, got a job but knew that they wanted to do something different with their lives. Being farmers felt attractive and then preferably vintners. And it would be feasible, it turned out when they met Alain Chabanon, well-established wine producer in Montpeyroux (which we write about elsewhere in this book). He convinced them that with relatively modest means can become vintners. So, they bought 5 acres in Montpeyroux, discontinued his old life and installed themselves in the small village of Saint-Jean-de-Fos.

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