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Wine growing and wine making is agriculture. But if you look at the price of land for vineyards it does not have much in common with other types of agriculture, at least not in most wine regions.

The average price for “appellation” (AOP) land in France was 136,000 euro per hectare according to statistics for 2014 from La Safer, the French organism that tracks land prices.

Vineyards that is not AOP (but can often be just as good, only less famous) is much, much less expensive: an average of “only” 12,700 euro per hectare.

Vineyards in Savennieres, Anjou, Loire, France

Vineyards in Savennieres, Anjou, Loire, France, copyright BKWine Photography

The range of prices is enormous though. At the top you have Champagne where one hectare cost well over one million euro. Yes one million. Going down from there you go pretty much in order of fame through the French wine regions to the Languedoc-Roussillon, the cheapest AOP vineyard land region at 10,000 euro per hectare.

In Per’s latest article on Forbes, Want To Buy A Vineyard In France? Here’s How Much It Costs, he gives you more details on the cost of vineyard land in France.

Here’s the introduction:

Are you nurturing a secret dream of becoming a vigneron in France, just like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? They bought the Chateau Miraval for a reported $60 million in 2013. You can get away with less than that but don’t count on it coming cheap.

Chateau Kirwan, Margaux, Bordeaux

Chateau Kirwan, Margaux, Bordeaux, copyright BKWine Photography

France being a centralized country that is keen on agricultural control they have an organization, La Safer, that tracks all vineyard transactions and publishes annual statistics. The latest numbers were released recently.

If you want to buy a vineyard in France you can count on the average price being, according to the 2014 statistics, 136,400 euro per hectare for appellation land. That is $61,000 for an acre.

In the article you can also read about the stunning price of the world’s most expensive vineyard.

Read Per’s full article on Forbes: Want To Buy A Vineyard In France? Here’s How Much It Costs.

Vineyards in Pic Saint Loup in Languedoc, France

Vineyards in Pic Saint Loup in Languedoc, France, copyright BKWine Photography

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