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Seeking strength in wine?

There has recently been a curious “debate” on one of the major Swedish wine blogs on what is “the stongest wine in the world”, naturally fermented, excluding fortified wines. It started some time back with the blogger / wine writer Mikael Molstad, who writes for one of Sweden’s biggest daily paper, Svenska Dagbladet. It started […]

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Local Wine, Local Oak

Text: David Furer Photo: Per Karlsson / BKWine & David Furer Copyright © David Furer & BKWine With the rise of flavor profiles attributed to French wood, along with their undisputed preeminence in technique, the dominance of French cooperages in fine wines in the past 20 or so years has led to a type of […]

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Must fermenting in a tank

Not all yeasts are created equal

It is common practice to add cultured (sometimes called artificial) yeast to the must to control the fermentation of wine. Just like for “natural” fermentation it is Saccharomyses Cerevisiae that converts the sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide (for beer it can be Saccharomyses Carlsbergensis). A new type of has now been launched that is […]

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Harvesting with a harvest machine

Mechanical harvest

Grape harvest with a harvest machine (tractor) A winegrower can either harvest manually with people in the vineyard, or do mechanical harvest with a machine. Mechanical harvest is done with a dedicated harvester or with a module attached to a vineyard tractor. Is manual harvest better than machine? The received wisdom is that manual harvest […]

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What is ”organic wine”?

It’s not always easy to get to grips with the terminology, so here’s a short introduction. Strictly speaking one should talk about “wine made from organically grown grapes” since it is only what is done in the vineyard that is regulated, not what is done in the winery. But change is coming – the EU […]

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Pumping over at a big chateau

Pumping over or remontage

Extracting more by spraying the cap — “Pumping over” (called remontage in French) is a technology used in the winery to increase extraction. The winemaker performs it by emptying fermenting must from the bottom of a tank and then pumping it to the top of the tank. A tube is attached to a must pump […]

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Noble rot

Noble rot is what makes some sweet wines what they are. Noble rot, or botrytis cinerea (or pourriture noble in French), is a kind of fungus, a mushroom, which can develop on the grapes in the vineyard under certain conditions, when the weather is humid. In the right conditions it becomes noble rot. The winemaker […]

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