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PART 1 of Quinta do Crasto interviews. We begin with Tomas Roquette one of the owners. Tomas is the fourth generation at Quinta do Crasto. Crasto produces port wine since more than one hundred years and since 1994 also table wine with the same grape varieties as for port – more than a hundred different grape varieties.

Why did Quinta do Crasto start production of table wines? Tomas explains the reasons. They wanted to show the world what is the potential of Douro, so they started to make table wines.

What is the type or the style of wines that they make at Quinta do Crasto. – wines that make people happy when they drink their wines.

About serving temperature: it is important not to serve the wines too warm. Chambré is not a good idea, especially if you are talking about wines with higher alcohol contents. They wines should be served at 16 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Quinta do Crasto, Tomas Roquette

Quinta do Crasto, Tomas Roquette

So what wines do they make at Quinta do Crasto? A port wine of course, but several table wines: Flor de Crasto, Crasto DOC (red and white), Reserva, Touriga Nacional (sometimes), Tinta Roriz, Vinha Maria Teresa, Vinha da Ponte, Xisto (Roquette & Cazes). And in 2010 there will be a new top wine coming on the market from the Douro Superior

This interview was made at the European Wine Bloggers Conference #EWBC 2009 in Lisbon:

More on Quinta do Crasto:

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By BKWine, Interviewer: Per Karlsson, BKWine

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