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The Atawere Valley in Marlborough, New Zealand

Pressure chamber will help New Zealand wine growers to irrigate at the right time

Many wine regions are doing research to better understand the challenges posed by climate change. In the recently inaugurated Bragato Research Institute in Blenheim, Marlborough, in New Zealand, 84 small fermentation tanks and a lot of other necessary equipment, some in miniature format, will enable various research projects for both viticulture and vinification. After two […]

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Water stress in Languedoc

The technical Dionysud wine fair was held in Beziers in Languedoc in November. A big discussion during the fair was about irrigation. Languedoc-Roussillon has a total of 240 000 hectares and only 24,000 are irrigated at the moment. It is too little, says the Chamber of Agriculture in the department of Hérault. The vineyards of […]

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To irrigate or not to irrigate in the vineyard?

The summer started with a lot of rain in some parts of France. But in Languedoc-Roussillon it is getting dry. During a hot summer with hardly any rain, some vineyards will have problems, especially those with young vines. It was taboo in the old days in France to talk about irrigation. But times change. Now […]

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Add water to desired strength (water into wine?)

Michel Chapoutier in the Rhone Valley is fond of saying controversial things. A few weeks ago he talked in Drinks Business about how to best get rid of some of the alcohol in high alcohol wines. Best method, he says, is the simplest. Dilute the wine with water. He believes that it does not change […]

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When on the subject of resource consumption, we were surprised to read that two thirds of the world’s fresh water is used for agricultural irrigation (not just wine) in an ad from Monsanto. (But that 60% of the world’s agricultural produce comes from non-irrigated land.) It would be interesting to know how the picture is […]

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Water to wine

950 litres of water. That’s what’s needed to make one litre of wine according to a new book “The World’s Water 2008-2009” by Peter Gleick. The water is needed e.g. for cleaning and cooling (perhaps they also count irrigation). 1120 litres of water is what is needed to make one litre of coffee, but only […]

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Draught in California

California is seeing the lowest water levels in 30 years in some of its water reservoirs. If the lack of rain continues 2009 is likely to be the driest year in Californian modern history. What consequences that will have for California’s vineyards remain to be seen.

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WiFi and climate control in the vineyard

In the last Brief we talked about GrapeNetworks who has developed a solution based on climate and humidity sensors connected through a WiFi network to improve vineyard management. It allows for better resource and water management and potentially less use of harmful substances in the vineyard. There’s now a video available that you can watch […]

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Vineyard technology: micro-climate monitoring

Grape Networks is a California based company that has developed a solution for wireless monitoring of the microclimate in vineyards. You install a number of sensors in the vineyard that collect environmental parameters. These are then transmitted wireless to an analysis application and can then be accessed from any standard computer. The benefits are an […]

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Australian wine shortage

Not long ago Australia had a huge wine lake, unsold wine stock and falling prices. Now there is a worry that there will soon be a serious shortage of Australian grapes and wines due to sever draught and irrigation restrictions due to water shortages. How tables turn. –

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