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BKWine TV wine videos viewed 200,000 times

BKWine TV recently passed 200,000 “total upload views” on YouTube. BKWine TV is our ‘channel’ on YouTube with interviews, reportage and other videos that we’ve done during our various wine tours and travel. In other words 203,366 is the number of times someone has watched a BKWine TV video. Fantastic, we’re very happy! You can […]

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World champion wine videos

Andreas Larsson, sommelier world champion, has become involved in many different projects since he won his title a few years ago. The latest we’ve seen is video wine tasting notes. Andreas tastes a wine and tells you what he thinks about it – on video. The people behind the project are the same who make […]

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French wine TV relocates to Luxemburg

Edonys is the cryptic name of a new television channel that will be entirely dedicated to programs about wine. The channel was created about a year ago by an entrepreneur who has specialised in creating very niche focused TV channels. But Edonys has now received a definitive “no” from the CSA (the French authority who […]

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Frederic Duseigneur, Domaine Duseigneur

Domaine Duseigneur part 1, farming the vineyards w Frederic Duseigneur [E] – BKWine TV

Interview (part 1) with Domaine Duseigneur (Rhone), Frederic Duseigneur. Domaine Duseigneur is a small family wine producer in the southern Rhone Valley just across the river from Chateauneuf-du-Pape, run by the brothers Frederic and Bernard (they also work with the famous French sommelier Philippe Faure-Brac). Frederic sees himself more as a farmer than a winemaker. […]

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Yoga for wine lovers

Yoga for wine lovers

If you feel the need to exercise or get away from your sedentary life-style, perhaps you should try yoga. The cartoonist pair behind Harold’s Planet has developed a particular kind of yoga for wine lovers. Watch the video here:

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Who is Günther?

Since you read the Brief you may now have come to realise that bag in box wines are immensely popular in Sweden (and in the rest of Scandinavia). More than 50% of all wine is sold in the plastic bag in the carton. There is a magnificent spoof music video singing the praise of the […]

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100 wine videos on BKWine TV

We have published our 100th wine video on BKWine TV. We celebrated that with a press release that explains what it is and a bit about the background. Here it is: “BKWine recently published its one hundredth wine vide on BKWine TV. BKWine TV is a YouTube video channel with interviews with winemakers and reportage […]

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French wine TV channel to become Luxembourgeois?

It’s called Edonys – the TV channel that will be entirely dedicated to wine. It’s a project launched by Media-Place Partner. the TV channel will air interviews, reportage, debates, etc but exclusively on a wine theme (much like BKWine TV, one can perhaps say, but with a slightly bigger budget and different ambitions… And curiously […]

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BKWine TV with subtitles coming

We now have some one hundred wine videos on BKWine TV. Depending on who we talk to the videos can be in Swedish, English or French. Our videos are now in the process of getting subtitles – in any language you would like! It is Google with their voice recognition software who are automatically generating […]

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Jon Bowen, Domaine Sainte Croix

Domaine Sainte Croix on BKWine TV

It’s been a bit quiet on the video front recently here at BKWine. Too much stuff to do… But now we’ve just published a new video on BKWine TV: An interview with Jon Bowen who makes wine together with his wife at Domaine Sainte Croix in the Languedoc (Hautes Corbieres). We met Jon & Elizabeth […]

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Jon Bowen at Domaine Sainte Croix [E] – BKWine TV

Jon and Elizabeth Bowen make wine at the Domaine Sainte Croix in the Languedoc region in the south of France. They are in the sub-region called Corbieres (or Haut Corbieres), not very far from Spain. Theyre near Narbonne and Perpignan. They started out six years to produce vins de terroir, coming from the UK. They […]

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