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Old oak vats in a wine cellar in Piedmont

Adventures in Italy: travel with BKWine to the Piedmont, with wine, food and truffles, says the Italian Tourist Office

The Italian State Tourist Office has produced a beautiful magazine about various destinations in Italy. The name is “Italian adventures”. One of the trips that they feature in the magazine is BKWine’s wine and food tour to Piedmont, a tour that takes place in the autumn when it is also the season for truffles. But […]

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An introduction to truffles with Giorgio Colli

We have published a new video on our video channel on truffles. Earlier this year we met with a doctor in truffles, Dottore Giorgio Colli. Luckily we had the time to make a short video interview with Dottore Colli. In it he explains “all about truffles”, especially on the exclusive white truffle that has made […]

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From Parisian to walnut farmer and truffle hunter

Just read this wonderful story by Tom Fiorina about how he became a truffle hunter. Hunting truffles not with a pig, not with a dog. But with flies. Truffle flies. I have participated in a truffle hunt a few times and it’s always been with a dog. That’s what is usually the case these days. […]

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Black truffles at the truffles market in Alba in Piemonte

Truffle hunting – the black diamond | BKWine TV

Truffle hunting with a dog (or a pig) is a very special experience. The black Perigord truffle, Tuber Melanosporum, The Black Diamond, hides in the ground and only a trained dog (or more rarely, a pig) can find it – one of the rarest gastronomic delicacies, used in small quantities in luxury cuisine. This is […]

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