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Domaine du Moulin, Gaillac Cuvée Speciale 2015 – now with malolactic fermentation

In November we tasted new wines from Domaine du Moulin in Gaillac. It was a barrel sample taken before the malolactic fermentation (read our comments here). We have now tasted the same wine, still a barrel sample, but with the malolactic fermentation in barrel completed. Was there a difference? Absolutely. The acidity was still quite […]

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The grandiose and solemn Chapître Exceptionnel of the Confrérie du Vin de Cahors where 11 American sommeliers were dubbed knights

Almost every wine region in France has its own “wine brotherhood”, confrérie de vin. Cahors, in the South-West is no different. The Confreries is mainly a fun thing that is used as an excuse to throw parties and to make friends with people. At the 2014 edition of the Cahors Malbec Days there was a […]

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Gaillac gets vendange tardive

Vendange tardive is a designation that means that the grapes are harvested later than the normal harvest – that is actually the literal translation of the word. It is perhaps not something that one often thinks about but it can actually only be used for wines from the Alsace in northern France and Jurançon on […]

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South-West France, the Wines and Winemakers

South-West France, the Wines and Winemakers By: Paul Strang, photographs by Jason Shenai Publisher: University of California Press This is a book that has been in the coming for a very long time and now finally (!), is it published. Let’s start with this: if you are even remotely interested in wines from other than […]

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New wine video on Madiran

We have published a new wine video on the Madiran district in the south-west of France. It is a region that has undergone somewhat of a renaissance over the last decades. Today you can fins many exciting, and good value wines there. This is an interview with one of the vignerons in the regions. The […]

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Domaine de l’Ancienne Cure | BKWine TV

Interview with Christian Roche, third generation owner of the property Domaine de l’Ancienne Cure. Domaine de l’Ancienne Cure is a family owned vineyard in the Bergerac and Monbazillac appellations, a top quality producer in this too little known region in south-west France, which is also a very gastronomic part of France with all the specialties […]

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Chateau Tour des Gendres | BKWine TV

Interview with Francis de Conti owner of the property together with his cousins Luc and Jean de Conti. Tour des Gendres has 55 hectares of vineyards and is situated in the Appellation Bergerac. Planted with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Franc and Malbec red grape varieties. White grapes are Sauvignon, Semillon and Muscadelle. They make dry […]

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About Malbec – Cahors and Argentina collaboration in April

Argentina is actually the worlds largest producer of Malbec (sometimes called Auxerrois) with 24,000 ha. But historically it is Cahors in south-western France that is considered the cradle of this variety. The two wine regions have joined together for an event to make this not-very-well-known grape variety better known: The International Malbec Days that take […]

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Henri Ramonteu, Domaine Cauhape

Domaine Cauhape, Henri Ramonteu, Jurancon | BKWine TV

Interview with the winemaker Henri Ramonteu of Domaine de Cauhapé in Jurançon, near Pau and Biarritz, on the edge of Spain, whose winery and vineyards are in the south west of France (Sud-Ouest). Henri talks about his wines and how he makes wine. And about the unique grape varieties Petit and Gros Manseng. Language is […]

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Domaine Haut Campagnau, Dominique Andrian, Cts Gascogne [F] | BKWine TV

Interview with the winemaker Dominique Andrian of Domaine du Haut Campagnau in the Montréal-du-Gers in the Gers region, Côtes de Gascogne, whose winery and vineyards are in the south west of France (Sud-Ouest). Dominique talks about his wines and how he makes wine. By BKWine, Language is French. Entretien avec le vigneron Domique Andrian […]

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Domaine Plageoles, Gaillac [F] | BKWine TV

Interview with the winemaker Bernard Plageoles of Domaine Tres Cantous / Domaine Plageoles whose winery and vineyards are in Gaillac in the south west of France (Sud-Ouest) Bernard talks about his peculiar wines and the unusual grape varieties he uses, e.g. the Ondenc (white grape) and the Prunelard (for red wine). Language is French. (Entretien […]

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