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The screw cap is gaining ground

Some countries have gladly embraced the screw cap while the increase in other countries is slower. Wine consumer’s preferences are very different when it comes to choosing between natural cork and screw cap. The screw cap is, however, gaining ground everywhere even if the major wine countries France, Spain and Italy still prefer natural cork. […]

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The entrance gate and building of Chateau Margaux

Château Margaux in an experimental mood

More on Bordeaux. They have been doing some interesting experiments at Château Margaux reveals The Wine Sleuth, an interesting wine blog. At a tasting in London Paul Pontallier, director and wine maker at the chateau, talked about his experiments with organic and biodynamic wine growing on part of the estate. The participants tasted blind three […]

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Wine screw cap

If only everyone used screw caps! Or not.

“Why don’t you use screw cap?” is a question that winemakers are often asked when people come and visit (especially if the visitors are Swedish! All Swedes – and many Britons – seem convinced of the screw caps superiority). Twenty years ago virtually all wine was sealed with natural cork and screw cap was only […]

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A cork campaign with a distinct off taste

The “natural” cork industry has made great strides this year to regain credibility with consumers. Consumer attitudes to natural cork and screw caps vary vastly from one country to another. For example, in Scandinavia (and also in the UK it seems) many people are convinced that the only intelligent, not to say perfect, bottle closure […]

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15% of all wine bottled with screw cap

According to the screw cap producer Guala 15% of all the world’s wines are now sealed with screw cap, thanks to an increase of 25% for the metallic closure in 2008. According to Nomacorc, who produces plastic corks, the market for screw caps is 2.5 billion, dwarfed by the plastic cork market of 4 billion […]

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Does the cork breathe?

This question has been more hotly debated since the screw cap arrived on the scene. According to a study at the faculty of oenology at the Bordeaux University the answer is yes. The study, made in collaboration with the cork producer Amorim, concludes that the cork gives a small but measurable contribution of oxygen to […]

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Wine-On-Line – Some wine sites worth having a look at

Wine Maker Magazine, mostly for the home brewer, but also for others. Quite a lot of interesting info actually. E.g. How to get oak character by using oak cubes? How to deal with brettanomyses? Or what to do with pips and skins after pressing? – Screw cap – good or bad? Cork-cork = risk […]

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