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Old bottles in the cellar, 1961

A Perfect 10?

Mother Nature was unkind in 2010 – an earthquake in Haiti, floods in Pakistan and an unpronounceable volcano in Iceland. There was huge financial trauma; many are still recovering. But commodities and collectibles – especially wine – have carried on regardless. The art market – or at least Damien Hirst’s reputation – wobbled before the […]

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100% natural neck label

Torbreck, naturally

In February, I spent a very enjoyable evening in New York with Alice Feiring, the “high priestess” of “natural” wine and author of The Battle for Wine and Love: Or How I Saved the World from Parkerization. While discussing important things like English and Noo Yawk accents (I’d been watching Goodfellas too much, thought Alice’s […]

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Dino Addis Gallura

Wine from Sardinia

When I first visited the Italian island of Sardinia in 1998 it was with a group of other wine salespeople with our focus understandably upon our lone supplier of Sardinian wines. During our journey here and in the remainder of southern Italy, I noticed the mentality of our hosts wasn’t far removed from their escape […]

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Mr Furer Sr looking out over the sea


Many great wines have their foundations in volcanic soils. Alsace’s Thann yields exuberant wines in the hands of Humbrecht and Schofitt. Across the Rhein in Baden’s Kaiserstuhl a number of winemakers achieve consistently good results from Pinots Noir and Gris. Madeira’s decomposed pumice soils are considered the best that island has to offer. Sections of […]

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On Israeli wine

Wine in Israel Text: David Furer Copyright © David Furer & BKWine 30 wineries ― or 130 Israel boasts 30 commercial wineries of which 10 actively export, and nearly 130 boutique wineries. It’s also one of the smallest of all wine producing countries, with correspondingly small interest from the government to support it. The intifada […]

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On Lebanese wine

Lebanon Text: David Furer Copyright © David Furer & BKWine September 11 As with most momentous world events, people have their own September 11 story. Mine had me aboard an airplane from Rome-Beirut before returning to my native US. On the flight that afternoon I was unaware of what was taking place several thousand miles […]

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Old vine in Cairanne

Côtes du Rhône Villages

With the recent battering taken by French wines from less-heralded areas, a spotlight’s been turned to raising the status of some appellations in the southern Rhone valley. The last ascension to cru status was Vacqueyras in 1990. There’s been talk for years of which village would be next with most bets on Cairanne. At the […]

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Local Wine, Local Oak

Text: David Furer Photo: Per Karlsson / BKWine & David Furer Copyright © David Furer & BKWine With the rise of flavor profiles attributed to French wood, along with their undisputed preeminence in technique, the dominance of French cooperages in fine wines in the past 20 or so years has led to a type of […]

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A horse in a filed in Normandy


Calvados – The apple fruit brandy from Normandy Text: David Furer Photo: Per Karlsson, BKWine Copyright David Furer & BKWine, December 2008 An abbreviated version of this appeared in the US’ Sante magazine, Autumn harvest brings its bounty not only to the winemaker and chef but also to the oft-overlooked cider and fruit distillate […]

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