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A malbec leaf

How eco-friendly is Bordeaux?

A European wine that is organic is easy to identify. You just look for the green EU leaf. If it does not have the leaf it is not organic. But now there are also more and more “sustainability” labels on the bottles in France. However, “sustainable” is different from “organic”. Organics is mainly about the […]

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EU logo allergy allergenes

Allergic to wine? New labelling rules

From this year EU countries as well as Canada require that wine labels provide information about contents in the wine that can cause allergic reactions (allergens). It is already compulsory to mention on the label that the wine contains sulphur (if it contains more than 10 mg/litre). The new substances that have to be mentioned […]

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The back label with real and potential alcohol

Rules for labelling in France

On May 6, new rules were published for the labeling of wines in France. The rules come into force on 1st of July. The ministries involved, writes La Vigne, have taken quite some time to get the rules published but actually they are more or less already in use. The 6th of May publication was […]

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Self service wine shop in Croatia

What’s in a (wine’s) name…

Complicated wine names may be good for sales I have always thought that a complicated name on the wine label made the bottle harder to sell. But maybe it’s just the opposite. On we read that a Canadian study shows that wine drinkers are more attracted to strange names that are difficult to pronounce […]

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Cup of coffee

Latte wine?

New rules for labelling and additives in wine All pre-packed food products must state on the label if they contain possibly allergenic products. So far, wine has been exempted from this rule. But only for another six months. According to Le Journal du Vin, the EU has, on the recommendation of The European Food Safety […]

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The world’s weirdest wine labels

Someone in Switzerland called wineman (or winegirl) has collected a wealth of more or less odd wine labels: The collection is organised according to theme, some rather surprising. For example: uniforms, bulls (Bull’s Eye Madeira…), elephants, erotic (The Sergeant’s Mess anyone?), firemen (Riesling Brand of course), frogs, humour and even Popes. Lots of entertainment.

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The world’s worst wine labels

Dr. Vino has created an entertaining (?) competition: Which is the world’s worst (ugliest, most tasteless…) wine label? There are many, many poor wine labels but few are truly awful. Dr. Vino has found some of those. What do you say about: – Cleavage Creek (yes, including photo) – The cat-bottles from Zeller – The […]

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Mouton-Rothschild 2005 designed by Guiseppe Penone

Each year, since 1945, a new artist is chosen to decorate the label of the Mouton-Rothschild bottle. The latest vintage to be released, 2005, will be carrying a ‘top banner’ (to speak in internet terminology) drawn by the Italian artist Guiseppe Penone, sometimes categorized in the Arte Povera movement. See the label here.

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Warning for pregnant women

Well, its not the pregnant women who are dangerous of course, but drinking wine while you are pregnant. At least according to the warning texts (or alternatively a graphically illustrative symbol) that are now compulsory on wine bottles in France. A new French law for this was approved on October 2.

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