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The Atawere Valley in Marlborough, New Zealand

Pressure chamber will help New Zealand wine growers to irrigate at the right time

Many wine regions are doing research to better understand the challenges posed by climate change. In the recently inaugurated Bragato Research Institute in Blenheim, Marlborough, in New Zealand, 84 small fermentation tanks and a lot of other necessary equipment, some in miniature format, will enable various research projects for both viticulture and vinification. After two […]

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Vineyard landscape in the Languedoc

Languedoc in great need of irrigation

The department of Hérault accounts for a large part of Languedoc’s wine production. A wine production that may be in danger if they do not increase the irrigation area, they worry. At present, almost 35,000 hectares of the vineyards here are irrigated (of a total of just over 90,000 hectares). A project is now underway […]

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Drip irrigation in a vineyard in Chile

How best to irrigate a vineyard

If drought is a recurring feature of the weather, then the wine growers become experts in handling it. This is the case, for example, in South Africa. Here they have learned how to optimize irrigation so that the vines get exactly what they need and not one drop more. Heinrich Schloms is a soil scientist […]

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Cork oak tree in Portugal harvest a year with 5

New techniques for cork oaks in Portugal

Portugal’s (and the world’s) largest producer of cork products, Amorim, is slowly changing the cork industry. Since 2013, a project has been in progress concerning the possibility to start harvesting the cork from the cork oaks earlier than at the age of 25, as is the case today. The solution seems to be an improved […]

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To irrigate or not to irrigate in the vineyard?

The summer started with a lot of rain in some parts of France. But in Languedoc-Roussillon it is getting dry. During a hot summer with hardly any rain, some vineyards will have problems, especially those with young vines. It was taboo in the old days in France to talk about irrigation. But times change. Now […]

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Southern France irrigates

Irrigation in the vineyards is no longer taboo in France, nor is it prohibited. (It is curious how often one still hear people saying that irrigation in France, or even in Europe, is not permitted. How wrong they are!)  In Languedoc several projects are under-way which aims to expand the irrigated area. The goal is […]

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On Israeli wine

Wine in Israel Text: David Furer Copyright © David Furer & BKWine 30 wineries ― or 130 Israel boasts 30 commercial wineries of which 10 actively export, and nearly 130 boutique wineries. It’s also one of the smallest of all wine producing countries, with correspondingly small interest from the government to support it. The intifada […]

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Viticulture by Stephen Skelton MW

Viticulture – An introduction to commercial grape growing for wine production

Viticulture – An introduction to commercial grape growing for wine production By: Stephen Skelton MW Self-published This is very detailed book on viticulture, written by Master of Wine Stephen Skelton, who lectures on viticulture to Diploma students at WSET. The book is recommended for these students as well as for Master of Wine candidates. It […]

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Mendoza Report

What’s new in Mendoza? With the snow capped Andes in the background and an extremely blue sky, Mendoza, the largest wine region in Argentina, is a magnificent sight. The climate is nice and warm. It is easy to get ripe grapes and powerful wines with a lot of alcohol. Wines that are appreciated all over […]

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Winery for sale – in Bulgaria!

Our spook in Bulgaria reports that there is a winery for sale in Bulgaria. the place is equipped with classic winemaking stuff: concrete fermentation vats etc. the property does not have its own vineyard but there are many grape growers in the wine region where it is located. The area is known for its red […]

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When on the subject of resource consumption, we were surprised to read that two thirds of the world’s fresh water is used for agricultural irrigation (not just wine) in an ad from Monsanto. (But that 60% of the world’s agricultural produce comes from non-irrigated land.) It would be interesting to know how the picture is […]

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Water to wine

950 litres of water. That’s what’s needed to make one litre of wine according to a new book “The World’s Water 2008-2009” by Peter Gleick. The water is needed e.g. for cleaning and cooling (perhaps they also count irrigation). 1120 litres of water is what is needed to make one litre of coffee, but only […]

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Australian wine shortage

Not long ago Australia had a huge wine lake, unsold wine stock and falling prices. Now there is a worry that there will soon be a serious shortage of Australian grapes and wines due to sever draught and irrigation restrictions due to water shortages. How tables turn. –

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Water in the vineyard

Is it permitted to irrigate the vineyard? It depends on where and when. Many believe that it is forbidden in e.g. France. However, that is not the case. Even in France it is allowed in some districts and under some conditions (at certain pre-defined periods during the year). Usually not for the better wines though. […]

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Irrigation officially allowed in France

A new decree on December 6, 2006 officially and more permanently allows irrigation in French vineyards. Irrigating the vineyards can be allowed until August 15. It will even be possible to irrigate appellation contrôlée wines but the regulations for AC vineyards is stricter. – Try our new BKWine Brief Blog Update Service, now in […]

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High tech vineyards

Some California vineyards have gone literally high tech. It is probably a contamination from the neighbouring Silicon Valley, or at least indirectly. High Tech ex-executives invest their earned millions in vineyards and cannot completely leave the technology behind. Some examples: sap flow sensors on the vines, linked to irrigation systems of course, laboratory equipment (called […]

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Irrigation will be permitted in France?

Irrigation has long been prohibited in French vineyards. The reasoning being that with water the growers could inflate the grapes, increase production but lower the quality. There is currently a proposal on the table, likely to be accepted, to allow irrigation, but under strict conditions. The background is the extremely hot and dry summer 2003 […]

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