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oak barrels, vats, barriques and other wooden wine containers

Less oak means more fruit in the wine

Sometimes it feels like every wine you drink is oaked. But the fact is that only 2% of all the world’s wines spend time in oak barrels, according to Drinks Business. And this is down from 3% in 2008. Nowadays winemakers want to stress the fruit so they reduce the time in oak and they […]

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Wine barrels in the cellar

Oak barrels to let?

During one of our wine tour trips recently we met for the first time a producer (not the one on the photo) who rents his oak barrels instead of buying them. Buying French oak barrels cost a lot of money (between 600 and 800 euro for one 225-liter barrel) and renting can be a way […]

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Local Wine, Local Oak

Text: David Furer Photo: Per Karlsson / BKWine & David Furer Copyright © David Furer & BKWine With the rise of flavor profiles attributed to French wood, along with their undisputed preeminence in technique, the dominance of French cooperages in fine wines in the past 20 or so years has led to a type of […]

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Scientific barrel making

Radoux is one of France’s leading coopers. It is part of the Oeneo Group that dominates the industry. On July 6 they launched their new invention called Radoux OakScan at a presentation in Paris. This is a technique that makes it possible to rapidly and with precision measure the tannin contents of the oak staves […]

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Chinese oak in Rioja barrels

Toneleria Magrenan is a Spanish cooper in the Rioja. They have started a collaboration with a Chinese supplier of wood from Mongolia (quercus mongolicus oak). They are making a first batch of 40 000 barrels that should be available sometimes this year. More than 20 winemakers are involved in the initial test (40 000 barriques […]

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