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A vine leaf attacked by mildiou (downy mildew)

Three white fungus resistant hybrid grape varieties approved in Austria

Four new white grape varieties have just been approved for use in Austrian Qualitätswein (quality wine) Three of these are so-called PIWIs, which is fungal resistant crossings. PIWI is a German abbreviation for Pilzwiderstandsfähig (literally fungus resistant). The fourth grape is Goldmuskateller, a regular Vitis vinifera that also has a good resistance to rot. The […]

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Willi Klinger of the Austrian wine marketing board Wines of Austria

A great day for Austrian wines

It is not every day one can enjoy a wealth of Austrian wines in Paris. It’s a pity. I’ve been to Austria several times and the wines I have tasted are fantastic. Outstanding whites and reds that are not so well know, from not so well-known indigenous varieties, that are also making great headway. And […]

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Equestrian statue

Swedish winery gets a medal at the AWC Vienna

Sweden is definitely a cool climate wine country. We have a few brave wine producers, most of them very small and most of them in the southernmost part of Sweden. Fredholms Wine Estate in Tyringe in Skåne is one and recently this estate received a medal, a “seal of approval” in AWC Vienna for its […]

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Cow horn and herbs used in biodynamic wine making

Austrian Respekt-Biodyn certifies biodynamic winemakers

Demeter is a large, global organization that certifies biodynamic wine growers and other farmers. But Demeter is not alone in doing this. In France, Biodyvin certifies around 100 members. And now there is also a third group, with headquarters in Austria, called Respekt-Biodyn. This group is working, just like Biodyvin, only the wineproducers. Respekt-Biodyn’s members […]

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Italy, Portugal, Germany, USA and Austria at Handpicked Wines

Two years ago, my overall impression from Handpicked’s range tasting was very positive.  It focused on smaller producers who had “something extra” that can make the difference in a large wine selection. (Handpicked Wines is a Swedish importer specialising in wines from small-ish producers.) It was therefore with great expectations that I looked forward to […]

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Stricter rules in Austria for spraying with copper

Organic producers are criticized for their use of copper in the vineyards. The EU allows 6 kilograms of copper per hectare and per year for organic producers, as we mentioned recently (Organic viticulture: How do you use less copper?). But one of our readers, Gottfried Lamprecht, an organic wine producers in southern Austria, has pointed […]

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The harvest in Austria

It seems that the wine harvest in Austria was a difficult one but that in the end it can give some good wines, albeit with high acidity (good ageing potential?), and some excellent sweet wines. We have not been in Austria this year, unfortunately, so we cannot give you our own impressions. We have previously […]

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New original DAC in Austria: Wiener Gemischter Satz

In Austria, they call their appellations DAC (Districtus Austriae Controllatus). The newest and ninth DAC has just been approved: Wiener Gemischter Satz. It is a strange appellation, or at least unusual appellation, perhaps even unique. The rules stipulate that the vineyard must be planted with at least three different varieties (i.e. a field blend). To […]

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Wines from all around the world from the wine importer Vinovativa

Vinovativa’s 10th anniversary and grand tasting: Austria, Barolo, Bordeaux, Cahors, Douro Valley, New Zealand, Piedmont, Priorat, Saint Emilion, sherry, Tuscany, Germany, and more! Wine importer Vinovativa has over ten years positioned itself as one with a wide range of wines with wines from the world represented. At the same time, they focus mainly on smaller […]

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The pride of Austria, gruner veltliner, threatened?

Grüner veltliner is the great Austrian grape that has become for Austria what riesling is for Germany, malbec for Argentina and carmenère for Chile. Now, however, many growers are worried, among them Lenz Moser. The area planted with grüner veltliner has fallen in recent years, from 20 000 hectares to 13 500 hectares today. Instead, […]

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Austria: a selection of exciting wine producers

Impressive variety and quality in both white and red wines from Austria Austria is a wine country that deserves to be discovered by a wider audience. Elegant, stylish white wines and, perhaps more of a surprise, exciting and characterful red wines of high quality. A number of wine producers from Austria recently visited Stockholm and […]

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Neusiedlersee DAC becomes the 8th DAC appellation in Austria

Neusiedlersee is the latest addition to the Austrian “appellations”, DAC. On March 28 the Austrian agriculture ministry approved the promotion of Neusiedlersee to DAC. The Neusiedlersee DAC can be used already from the 2011 vintage so we will soon see bottles appearing on the market. Interestingly, this will be a DAC that is focussed mainly […]

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Winery in Rust on the Neusiedlersee, Austria

A new appellation in Austria: Neusiedlersee DAC

Neusiedlersee is the latest addition to the Austrian “appellations”. In Austria they are called DAC, or Districtus Austriae Controllatus. On March 28 the Austrian agriculture ministry approved the promotion of Neusiedlersee to DAC. The Neusiedlersee DAC can be used already from the 2011 vintage so we will soon see bottles appearing on the market. Interestingly, […]

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Harvest report 2011: A good vintage in Austria

The harvest reports keep coming in from various regions. Over all the producers seem happy, more or less, even though there were some problems, at least in France. But of course, nobody wants to be too pessimistic about a vintage! Anyway, each year has its charm, doesn’t it? Here is a report from Austria. Harvest […]

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Harvest report 2011: A good vintage in Austria

The wine harvest in Austria in 2011 was overall good in quality as well as quantity according to the Austrian Wine Marketing Board. It was not a year without problems, warm weather for example led to low acidities unless the winemaker was careful. The volume was up to “normal” levels after a 2010 that was […]

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Jungwinzerinnen Kalender

The 2012 calendar with sexy winemakers launched

Sorry ladies, it is not handsome vineyard farmers looking for spouses (does that TV program exist elsewhere?). It is twelve young female wine growers who have made a calendar, the Jungwinzerinnen Kalender. Each month in the calendar is illustrated with a lightly (very) clad grower, dressed in nothing but lace underwear. The idea, one assumes, […]

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Snowy vineyards on a mountain side

Vineyard area in Austria

Austria has around 46,000 hectares of vineyards. That is roughly one third of Bordeaux (and some). There are four main regions: Burgenland, Niederösterriech, Steiermark and Wien. Niederösterriech is by far the biggest region with 60% of the total. Here are the details for all the wine districts in Austria: Wine Growing Region: Surface in ha, […]

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Vine growing in the spring, copyright BKWine Photography

Growing Gruner – part 3: I’m getting worried.

Continuing the story of growing a gruner veltliner vine from cuttings that I received at the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Vienna. I am starting to get a bit worried. Weather has been nice. We have not had any hail on the kitchen window sill (where the vine is standing). But is it growing? Will […]

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Gruner veltliner label, copyright BKWine Photography

Growing Gruner – part 2: tiny, tiny roots?

After about 5 days in water there is maybe, maybe the beginning of tiny roots on the gruner veltliner cuttings. I’ve had to change the water several times, to keep it fresh. Here’s how it looks right now: If you look closely you can see a little white spot on what looks like a bud. […]

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gruner veltliner

Growing Gruner – part 1: in water

This is not at all about ‘green’ vine growing. It’s about gruner veltliner, the star white grape variety of Austria. Last November I visited Austria for the European Wine Bloggers Conference (#EWBC). At one of the tastings we were given cuttings of gruner veltliner to take home (easier to carry than wine bottles!) with simple […]

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